When and where to go on a trip 2019?

trip 2019
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One year goes a long way, especially if we spend our days thinking about trips, trips and more trips. But each destination has its moment, so if we have the privilege of being able to choose where and when we go on trip 2019, would not you match both variables so that your trip is a success?

Starting in January and ending in December, we offer 12 unforgettable destinations for trip 2019 to hit the next ticket you buy, because the good, if it is at the time, is twice as good.

January # Norway

trip 2019

We wrap warm and go to Norway. It sounds crazy to travel to these latitudes at this time of year but it is the best time to go hunting for northern lights. To see them you have to climb very far north and cross the Arctic Circle, there both in the city of Tromsø and in the Lofoten Islands there are high chances of finding auroras in the darkness of the night. When you see those magical green lights thrown over your head you will see that the cold will have been worth it.

February # Cambodia

trip 2019

You have to go to Cambodia at some point in your life and at this time of year the heat is drier and less suffocating, something that you will appreciate horrors. The impressive temples of Angkor await you there, a place where some 2.5 million visitors a year travel to see the temples of Bayon, Ta Prohm and Angkor Wat. In addition, it would be ideal to complete your trip in Phnom Penh by visiting the Genocide Museum of Cambodia.

March # Vietnam

trip 2019

With the variety of climates that Vietnam concentrates it is not easy to get rid of the rain, but in March you have more chances to sneak away and enjoy a drier climate. If you travel for 15 days in Vietnam, you can travel from Ho Chi Minh in the south to Sapa in the northern mountains, passing through places like Hoi An or Ha Long Bay to navigate among its karst landscapes.

April # Sri Lanka

trip 2019

April is a good time to visit the ancient Ceylon before the monsoon season and the rains. So you can take advantage of the good weather to visit some of the best National Parks in Sri Lanka in search of wildlife and tour the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. Also, in the south of the island, in Mirissa, you can embark in search of spectacular blue whales.

May # Istanbul

trip 2019

Arriving here between low season and high season is always a good time, there are fewer people, the prices are lower and the time is starting to be good. It would be the perfect time to get to know the most important mosques in Istanbul, such as Azul, Santa Sofía and Suleiman. A walk through the Grand Bazaar, the Spice Bazaar, the Topkapi Palace and some of its most typical restaurants would complete your perfect visit.

June # Borneo

trip 2019

In June it is a good time to travel to the island of Borneo, specifically to its Malaysian zone. It is difficult to find a non-humid moment when we enter nature but at this moment you have the possibility of witnessing the birth of sea turtles on the beaches of Sarawak and Sabah. Your trip can go a step further if you also take the opportunity to see orangutans in freedom on the Kinabatangan River, or in recovery sanctuaries such as the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center or at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center.

July # Philadelphia

When traveling to the United States, what could be better than living your Independence Day in the city where the Declaration of Independence was signed? On July 4, 1776, the United States was born and that happened here in Philadelphia. It is the best time to live from within American history visiting the Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell or the home of Betsy Ross, who made the first flag of stars and stripes.

August # Buenos Aires

trip 2019

Almost any time is good to visit Buenos Aires but can you think of a better time than doing it during the celebration of the World Tango Festival? You can visit the city, visit its Casa Rosada and try the most famous pizzas of Buenos Aires, but if you also have the opportunity to do it to the rhythm of tango listening to Carlos Gardel wherever you go, then the Argentine capital will shine with another color.

September # South Africa

trip 2019

If you do not have plans in September, take advantage and escape to South Africa. During this month the fields are full of color, you can spot whales in front of Cabo de las Agujas and in natural reserves such as the Kruger National Park the animals are concentrated in search of water, making it easier to find them. In this month, out of the high season, you will see both the prices and the number of tourists go down.

October # Japan

trip 2019

Japan has very well marked the seasons of the year and there are two, spring and autumn, really lovely. In a mountainous and wooded country like Japan, you will see that in October there is a festival of colors when the trees turn brown, ocher, yellowish, reddish … You could not miss castles like those of Himeji, Matsumoto and Kumamoto, as well as cities like Hiroshima, where the Peace Memorial Museum should be a must for all humanity.

November # New Zealand

trip 2019

New Zealand is such a special destination that you could go at any time of the year but now, in November, you will avoid the cold of winter and the heat of summer, especially if you organize a trip from end to end. The ideal plan is to travel through New Zealand in a motor home, to go your own way, visit every corner and sleep in the middle of nature. That including how not capitals like Auckland or Wellington, get into Milford Sound and pay a visit to Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbiton facilities.

December # Switzerland

trip 2019

Before the end of the year we propose you to live a storytelling experience in Switzerland through the snowy mountains aboard the Glaciar Express, one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world. You will travel the distance of Zermat and St. Moritz, about 291 km, and that will take you about 8 hours of travel. You will pass through 91 tunnels, 291 bridges and some of the most beautiful alpine landscapes you have ever seen.

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