The Golden Circle: travel through the most beautiful landscapes of Iceland

The Golden Circle
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The Golden Circle- This small route allows you to discover the most representative landscapes of Iceland, from fabulous wate

rfalls to geysers or volcanoes.

The Golden Circle is one of the best routes you can do in Iceland . There is no more incredible way to know the magnificent natural environment of this country. Thousands and thousands of tourists come here every year to go hiking in one of the most special places in the world to do it. If you also like nature, do not hesitate to make this trip.

On the route of the Golden Circle you will see fabulous geysers and volcanoes . Also impressive landscapes with waterfalls, glaciers and lakes as protagonists. You will feel like never traveling one kilometer after another while you know the most spectacular corners of Iceland .

How much time is needed?

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The first thing you will ask is how much time is needed to travel the Circle of Gold. Do not worry because it is possible to do the route in one day. However, the beauty of its landscapes is so great that you can only fully enjoy it if you spend a little more time.

The distance is about 300 kilometers , so it is necessary to go by road. The best thing is that you go with a guided route or rent a vehicle. It’s simple, many people do it and there are several companies at your disposal. The Golden Circle is near Reykjavik , so you can manage it from the city.

The most important thing of the Golden Circle

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The Thingvellir National Park is one of the most important areas of the Golden Circle . It is at this point that the European and North American continent are touched. In fact, you can see the fault that separates each time a little more these two tectonic plates.

Tour Thingvellir will take you hours, but it is home to some of the most interesting points of the Golden Circle. Here you will see waterfalls, rivers and Pingvallavatn Lake, which is the largest in the country.

And something really spectacular. In the Thingvellir National Park you will find some parts of the crack between plates where you can practice diving . The cleanliness and transparency of the water make this activity much easier, in which with one hand you will touch Europe and with another America.

Where you will also see crystal clear waters is the Bruarfoss waterfall , one of the most photographed places in the entire Golden Circle. The views it gives are spectacular due to the contrast of colors. The turquoise mixes with the darker blue and with the white of the water that falls in the gap and creates a unique effect.

The incredible geysers

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Iceland are known geysers. In fact, it is a geyser of this country that gave its name to this phenomenon , we speak of Geysir. It is located in the valley of Haukadalur, where there is a fabulous full geothermal.

There it is usual to see hundreds of people wait to contemplate in amazement as the water in the form of steam gushes out of the ground and rises several meters into the air.

Geysir was the greatest of all , the one that exceeded one hundred meters in height. However, its activity was impeded by the objects and rocks thrown by tourists, as a stopper was created that prevents the expulsion of water. But you can still see other important geysers that can reach 20 meters in height.

Waterfalls and volcanoes

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The geysers impress by their spontaneity. But even if you do not believe it, you may still be surprised more. You will be able to contemplate spectacular waterfalls in which the force of nature is more than evident.

The most famous one is Gulfoss. It is because of its extension, its double fall and the sound of the force of the water falling on the rock. On your route through the Circular de Oro you will be left wanting to spend all day admiring this landscape.

There is still an essential place that you must know on your route through this impressive natural environment. Do not miss the Kerio crater. Who does not want to climb a volcano? And more when inside you can see the colorful interior slopes and the small lagoon that has been formed by the rains.

Everything is ready for you to access the crater, with an exterior and an interior road. Of course, to see it you have to pay an amount as input. In any case, it will be worth it to admire a very special place in such an incredible country as Iceland.

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