The best honeymoon destinations for each month of the year

honeymoon destinations
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Honeymoon destinations-They are finalizing all the details for their wedding, they have already selected the decoration for marriage that best suits their style as a couple, they have delivered to all their loved ones the marriage cards , but they still need to define one of the most important points. important and that start your life as newlyweds: the honeymoon . This decision, although it responds to your tastes, must also accommodate to external conditions, so we facilitate your decision by sharing the best honeymoon destinations for each month of the year. Very attentive!

January: Honeymoon destinations Maldives, Asia

best honeymoon destinations

If you are looking for honeymoon plans that are exotic and with all the luxuries, Maldives has everything you have always dreamed of. Although it is one of the most expensive destinations in the world and in January it is high season, it is also true that this is one of the best dates to visit the island since at that time there is less chance of rain and the days are sunnier, what will allow them to enjoy more of this earthly paradise of crystalline waters.

Another much cheaper alternative for those looking for a destination that combines beach and culture is Cuba , for that time of the month will have a cooler climate . Santa Lucia is another Caribbean island of great beauty that can captivate you and accommodate more budgets.

February: Honeymoon destinations  Sri Lanka

the best honeymoon destinations

This month is characterized as the date on which several parties around the world take place. For example, in Brazil they will be celebrating the emblematic Carnival of Rio de Janeiro , and on the other side of the world there will be room for the magical Carnival of Venice . There are multiple honeymoon destinations so that they immerse themselves in cultures completely different from yours and get the energy of their celebrations. Another country that you can visit at this time will be Mexico , specifically the Mayan Riviera .

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a quieter trip, but just as interesting, you can immerse yourself in the tears of India and visit Sri Lanka , where sumptuous beaches converge with historical monuments and cultural and gastronomic experiences. All an adventure!

March: Honeymoon destinations Melburne, Australia

best honeymoon destinations

In Thailand the weather during this time of the year is mixed between sunny days and a warm temperature , which makes it a must this season. The country has the lush beaches of crystal clear waters and white sand of Koh Samui or Koh Phangan where you can sunbathe and enjoy a refreshing swim.

If you are looking for a more cosmopolitan environment for your trip, this is the best month to enjoy Melbourne , as they will have the best climate with the departure of the Australian summer , which will allow for cool nights, ideal for walking along the Yarra River . A very romantic plan!

April: Honeymoon destinations Las Vegas, United States

top honeymoon destinations

Las Vegas is not only “the city of sin”, it is also one of the favorites of the newlyweds. With its lively nightlife where you can attend the best shows, meet multiple casinos and dream hotels, to explore the iconic Grand Canyon of Colorado (which is very close), is a destination that has much to offer and that counts with excellent prices for this time of year. Ideal if you are looking for a place to go for an economic honeymoon , and why not? Challenge luck and earn some extra money.

If they are a more adventurous couple, Nepal can be that destination they have been waiting for. In April, with the beginning of spring , you will find one of the best climates to observe the beauty of the nature of this destination and explore it at your leisure.

May: Honeymoon destinations San Francisco, USA UU

discover honeymoon destinations

Spending the honeymoon in Cancun is the dream of many couples and every day there are more facilities to make it a reality. If you have always had an eye to this destination, May is one of the best months to visit it since you will find an incomparable climate, which will allow you to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches. Prepare your bathing suits!

If, on the contrary, they consider themselves more bohemian and look for a destination that meets those characteristics, San Francisco is a city with a great cultural movement that they will surely want to participate. On this date you can live the last days of spring, with a perfect climate to explore and discover the secrets that this city hides in a period where there is not so much tourism, since the peak is facing the summer.

June: Honeymoon destinations Mauritius Island, East Africa

a honeymoon destinations

“If you want to have fun, with charm and with greatness, you just have to live, one summer in New York “, he recommended El Gran Combo to all salsa lovers more than thirty years ago and surely more than one has wanted to discover what they are the charms of the ‘Big Apple’ for this time of year. During this period the city is preparing to hold festivals – some free and in the open air. So, prepare your lighter clothes and get ready to live the experience!

But if you prefer beach, breeze and sea on some exotic island, Mauritius , located in the Indian Ocean, has a very nice and warm climate during this season. The good atmosphere and the idyllic beaches will surely captivate you.

July: Honeymoon destinationsBali, Indonesia

honeymoon destinations

How about traveling in Southeast Asia? Then in this season, Indonesia and the popular island of Bali , they find an unbeatable climate that will allow them to explore this destination in depth until submerging in its tropical jungles .

Also, July is the ideal time to travel to the Hawaiian island of Maui and have a very romantic first experience as husband and wife. There you can stroll along the black sand beaches and enjoy unforgettable sunny days.

August: Honeymoon destinations Glasgow, Scotland

honeymoon destinations for each month

A destination to contemplate the miracle of nature? They get it in Africa and for this month, mainly in Kenya , where there is the largest movement of wildebeest and zebra crossing the Mara River to get pastures and waters in a task known as the Great Migration. Together you can visit the National Park of Massai Mara and spend whole days submerged among these dream places. Keep in mind that temperatures can be around 23ºC in the day and around 28ºC in coastal areas.

On the other hand, during this month the Edinburgh Festival takes place in Scotland , so it is the perfect excuse to choose this destination where you can come across one of the best preserved medieval architecture and contemplate the wonderful and green Scottish hills. The cultural plans, with festivity on board, will not be lacking. Depending on the city you visit, you may find a different climate, for that reason, define which is the place to visit. Value what is most important to you: pleasant climate, activities to do, less tourism or if it does not affect any of the previous

September: Honeymoon destinations  The Great Wall of China

honeymoon destinations for each month of the year

After a hot summer, this month is perfect to immerse yourself in the ancient Chinese culture and visit the capital of this eastern country: Beijing . With great cultural richness and a combination of modern and old, they will have plenty of plans to start filling their memories album as husband and wife, headed by an incredible photo in The Great Wall of China.

What couple will not have dreamed of traveling to Santorini ? The unquestionable beauty of this destination is intensified during this month with a sunny and temperate climate at the same time, which has a temperature that oscillates 24 degrees centigrade. Also, traveling in this season will avoid the high season of summer and get better prices on this romantic island located south of the archipelago of the Cyclades.

October: Honeymoon destinations  Fiji Island

discover honeymoon destinations

It is considered the best month to know the largest coral reef in the world: the Great Barrier Reef, located in Australia . The high temperatures combined with the scarce rains of this season have the effect of making the water clearer, which facilitates visibility, creating the ideal conditions to explore this underwater world. Quite an experience!

Now, if you want to go as far as possible and completely change the environment, the islands of Fiji are undoubtedly one of your best alternatives. This corner of the world that few are aware of has some incredible resorts at the foot of the beach that will make them forget any worries and connect as a couple.

November: Honeymoon destinations  Dijon, France

best discover honeymoon destinations

The Caribbean will always be an excellent option to celebrate love, and in that sense the Dominican Republic remains a destination that seduces many newly married couples. Not only is there a rush to dance some Dominican meringues and bachatas, but to enjoy the beautiful beaches found in places like Punta Cana, where they also have options for honeymoon plans in their hotels and for all budgets.

If you are looking to travel to Europe, but think of the low temperatures and cloudy days that are approaching with the arrival of winter is an idea that does not excite, calm, in Dijon (France) may encounter a little more climate nice. Here you can still find some sun rays and moderate temperatures. In addition, you can stroll through its medieval old town where you can admire its architectural wealth and visit buildings such as the Gothic Notre Dame church, the Renaissance church of Saint Michel and the abbey of San Benigno.

December: Honeymoon destinations  Cambodia

best honeymoon destinations for each month

Although it seems a difficult month for the celebrations of Christmas and most destinations have high demand, it is also the perfect opportunity to meet different countries of Southeast Asia that are little attended for this date. For example, Vietnam , which has been cataloged as a magical nation and has many alternatives to submerge among its beaches, its bays, canals and history or Cambodia .

If you prefer to enjoy small Christmas markets then you will love Vienna, although it will be a cold season you can visit them in the different squares, palaces and gardens. Do not rule out this issue either from countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Brussels.

Another alternative is to spend your honeymoon in Chile , where the summer starts and will have a very warm weather. In this country they will have all the possible landscapes so they can choose the one of their preference: they have a desert to the north, glaciers to the south or the charming and bohemian port city, Valparaíso , which with its colorful houses and its romanticism is ideal to celebrate love .

And you, do you already have a destination for your honeymoon? With these recommendations you will have a first guide on the best places to visit around the world after you seal your love with the wedding rings . And with this issue solved, you can focus your attention on thinking about how you will look on your big day and look for bridal hairstyles and haircut options and hair styles for him.

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