Honeymoon in New Zealand: fantasy, embodied in reality!

honeymoon in New Zealand
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The honeymoon is a long-awaited vacation after all the hassles associated with the organization of wedding identity. And the honeymoon in New Zealand is also an unforgettable adventure!

Honeymoon in New Zealand: Attention to detail

the honeymoon in New Zealand

New Zealand is an exotic country, which is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia. It enchants all its guests with beautiful landscapes. The official languages in New Zealand are English, Maori, New Zealand and non-Hebrew sign language. Read more: 5 tips for saving on a honeymoon abroad!

The main territory of the country consists of two islands, which are separated by the Cook Strait, whose length is 22.5 km in the narrowest place. The western coast of the islands is washed by the Tasman Sea, the rest of the coast is the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the two main islands, New Zealand has about 700 islands of the much smaller area, most of which are uninhabited. The largest of them are Stuart Island, Antipodes Islands, Auckland Island, Bounty Islands, Campbell Islands, Chatham Archipelago and the Madder Islands. The total area of the country is 268 680 km ². This makes it slightly smaller in size than Italy or Japan, but somewhat larger than the UK.

Excellent infrastructure

honeymoon in New Zealand

The relief of New Zealand is mainly represented by hills, on the North Island, and mountains on the south. More than 75% of the country lies at an altitude of more than 200 m above sea level. Most of the mountains of the North Island do not exceed a height of 1,700 m. 19 peaks of the South Island are above 3000 m. Read more: How to stay connected while traveling abroad

The coastal zones of the North Island are represented by vast valleys. On the west coast of the South Island are the fjords.

Climatic conditions

the honeymoon in New Zealand

The climate of New Zealand varies from the warm subtropical in the north of the North Island to the cool temperate in the south and in the central regions of the South Island; in mountainous areas, the severe Alpine climate prevails. The chain of the high Southern Alps divides the country in half and, blocking the way to preferential western winds, divides it into two different climatic zones. The west coast of the South Island is the wettest part of the country; The eastern part, located just 100 kilometers from it, is the driest.

The East Australian current, passing through the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand, makes the climate of the islands and the eastern coast of Australia warmer and wetter, tropical instead of subtropical; contributes to the spread of tropical marine fauna in the subtropical area along the southeast coast of Australia and New Zealand. In most of New Zealand, precipitation ranges from 600 to 1600 millimeters per year. They are distributed relatively evenly throughout the year, with the exception of a drier summer period.

Expert opinion

top honeymoon in New Zealand

“To spend a honeymoon in New Zealand is an excellent option for couples who want to be in the fairy-tale world of” The Lord of the Rings “! A country with stunning and rare in its beautiful landscapes and a truly magical atmosphere. Choosing a honeymoon organization in New Zealand, you will be surprised by the diversity of landscapes and natural areas. You will encounter massive mountains and long stripes of unspoiled beaches, clear lakes and fleeting rivers, sleeping volcanoes and lush green valleys, “said Orleans Travel.

Also, the representative Ashmolean Travel  notes that  “one of the most picturesque places in New Zealand is Milford Sound – an amazingly beautiful fjord with dark blue waters, mighty mountains covered with dense forests, and numerous waterfalls that break down on the water of the fjord.”

“Rest in New Zealand is a walk through the national parks of the country. In the park Abel Tasman you are waiting for secluded bays and white deserted beaches, where you can enjoy privacy and silence. In the park Arthur Pars, you can make a fascinating mountain trek. And when you are rigatoni Park, you will learn the scenery of the trilogy “The Lord of the Rings”, which was shot here. Tours to New Zealand are both interesting and safe. The nature of the country does not represent any danger, there are no predatory wild animals or venomous snakes. Also, the country has a very low crime rate and a caring attitude towards tourists, ”  said Orleans Travel.

Organizational nuances

best honeymoon in New Zealand

“Tours in New Zealand may appeal to lovers of active recreation. From the middle of June to the beginning of October, ski resorts open doors for skiers and snowboarders. There are slopes for beginners and professionals alike. And also in New Zealand excellent opportunities for surfing, “- notes representative  Orleans Travel.

“When couples plan a honeymoon abroad, they often miss a moment like traveling around the country. All newlyweds understand that this can not be avoided, but nevertheless, they do not attach much importance to this, and meanwhile, it is a happy serious part of the budget, which may not be a very pleasant surprise if you do not think in advance about this moment, “says the wedding organizer Victorianism from Studio Victoria .

“Do not be afraid to come up with your honeymoon format. This is your journey, and therefore you need to organize it so that you smile! “, – the representative of the wedding nonagenarian believes.   And how to organize the wedding of your dreams, we recommend you read in our book.

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