10 things worth to Israel for traveling

Israel for traveling
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Israel for traveling-Israel is a small country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It attracts many tourists from Russia, but mostly those who come on organized tours. In my opinion, in vain. In Israel, it’s easy to travel on your own.

The country is small in territory and population (about 7 million people), but rich in historical monuments and natural attractions. The ideal time for a trip is spring and autumn. In summer it is hot and dry, in winter it rains and it is cold. For those considering visiting this lovely place, it might be worth booking onto some holy land tours to really experience Israel and its religious sites. Israel is a country where there has been a mixture of different cultures and religions, which is why there is an extremely motley population, and sometimes, walking along the streets, you feel yourself in a living museum.

1. Israel for traveling: Walk through the Old City of JerusalemIsrael for traveling

The old city of Jerusalem is the heart of Israel, in which the history of several thousand years is kept. Here one narrow street is replaced by another and at every step – sights and holy places. The air smells of spices, street food, and sun. A compulsory ritual during a walk is to leave a note with a cherished desire in the Wailing Wall. This is part of the ancient wall around the Temple Mount of Old Jerusalem, preserved after the destruction of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. Read more: The best travel places in 2018

2. Bathing in the Dead SeaIsrael for traveling

The Dead Sea is famous for therapeutic mud, and water contains a large concentration of salt. Such that you will not be able to drown here, even if you do not know how to swim at all. To be covered with medicinal mud and lie on the water with an asterisk. Another Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth, and the oxygen content in the air here is much higher than usual. Read more: The 9 most romantic places in Paris, for those who love the city very much

On the shore of the Dead Sea is the Ein Gedi Reserve – one of the ten places that must be visited on the planet by National Geographic. Ein Gedi is an oasis in the Judean desert with caves, waterfalls and a botanical garden.

3. Overnight in a Bedouin tentIsrael for traveling

Bedouins are the indigenous inhabitants of the desert. Instead of houses, they have black tents made of camel wool and mountain animals, and the roofs are made of palm branches.

In the ” Taglit ” program, participants not only spend the night in the tent, but also spend a traditional evening with the Bedouins: they dine with the locals, drink tart coffee, cooked in the sand, and ride camels.

4. Rest on the Sea of GalileeIsrael for traveling

If you ask the Israeli, how many seas in Israel, he probably will say: “It depends on how to count.” Because the Sea of Galilee is also the Sea of Galilee. It provides Israel with fresh water, and on its shores is the city of Tiberias.

The Kinneret is the lowest freshwater lake on earth with picturesque beaches and beaches along the coast. On the shores of the lake, hot springs with water rich in salts and sulfur are beaten. Each summer, through the Sea of Galilee, swim takes place – you can test yourself and cross the Israeli lake.

5. Shopping in the markets of CarmelIsrael for traveling

and Mahane-Yehuda

Israel cannot be imagined without trade and street markets. If you look at the Carmel market in Tel Aviv or Mahan Yehuda in Jerusalem, you will very soon find yourself with full hands of purchases. Here you can try the freshest vegetables, fruits, sweets, pastries, and nuts, buy souvenirs, spices, and clothes, make a selfie in the background of the carpet and try on jewelry. The owners of shops tell an amazing story about everything, and if you bargain, they will lose in price.

6. Meeting of the dawn at the fortress of Masada

The fortress of Masada is a symbol of freedom and one of the most visited sights of Israel. It is on a steep hill at an altitude of 450 meters. Meet the dawn in the fortress – an obligatory point of travel with the project ” Taglit “: from here you have a stunning view of the desert, and because of the high content of bromine, the air with the first rays of the sun is painted in the most incredible shades.

Masada is known for its sad history: in the first century of our era, during the Jewish War, a thousand Jews defended this fortress from the Roman legions. When the inner defensive wall fell, the Jews preferred to perish, but not to surrender to the Romans.

7. Visit the nightclubs of Tel AvivIsrael for traveling

Tel Aviv is the center of Israel’s business life. And yet it is a free and very liberal city. It is great for recreation and hangouts: here you can spend days swimming in the sea, in the evenings hanging out in bars, and at night hanging out at trendy parties.

In Tel Aviv, it’s interesting and easy to walk: skyscrapers and business offices are mixed with low-rise two-story houses and geometric houses in the Bauhaus style.

8. Getting to know the local cuisine

Israeli cuisine is diverse, useful and very tasty. Falafel and hummus, you probably tried in Russia, but cholnt, malauah, and meorav Yerushalmi – hardly.

Cholent is a delicious roast, which is prepared for Shabbat. Malahat – pancakes with pancakes with spicy and sweet fillings. Meorav Yerushalmi – a meat dish, cooked on a grill with spices.

Do not forget to try pomegranate wine and cafe – a delicate dessert made of thin vermicelli, goat cheese, almonds and sugar syrup. In general, try everything you see for the first time – there are no tasteless dishes in Israeli cuisine.

9. Trekking in the Negev DesertIsrael for traveling

The Negev Desert is not only dunes and tons of sand. There are also rocky mountains, and craters, and canyons.

To see this beauty, go on a hike and look into the mouth of the crater Makhtesh Ramon. It is one of the most picturesque natural attractions in Israel.

A special pleasure is to see off the sunset in the desert and admire the night sky, sitting by the fire.

10. Lectures and master classes

in Israel’s Silicon Valley

Israel – the cradle of startups and scientific developments. It came up with voicemail, antivirus, ICQ and flash drive, and now the country ranks first in the world in the number of patents for medical equipment and second place in the rating of the most innovative countries according to Bloomberg.

In Tel Aviv, there is an analog of the Silicon Valley, where hundreds of successful start-ups are created. The experience of local entrepreneurs can be transferred to meetings, master classes, and seminars.

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