The 5 largest hotels in the world

largest hotels
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Largest hotels in the world – Do you feel the dislike of heights or do you like to look out over the precipice? Many brave people love to experience their vacations the vertigo of the cliffs, the waterfalls, the waterfalls, enjoy an air ride in the helicopter? There are travelers who, in addition, want something more: to lie down and get up with the most incredible landscapes of their holiday place.

Tips to largest hotels in the world

#1. JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai Towers 1 and 2. Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

best largest hotels

We started our list with the highest hotel in the world that are, in reality, two: the twin towers 1 and 2 belonging to the luxurious resort JW Marriott. The towers, over 355 meters high, they are located just 10 minutes drive from the well-known shopping area Dubai Mall. Read more: The 5 best thematic hotels in the world

In addition to 20 restaurants, gyms, clubs, shops and leisure areas, the Marriott Marquis offers more than 1,600 rooms for tourists who want to enjoy the Dubai’s most luxurious heights. We can stay at this luxurious mega hotel in the UAE for a minimum amount of$ 225- $370  night.

 #2. Hotel ParkHyatt Shanghai. China

largest hotels in the world

Can you imagine sleeping in a room 492 meters high? At the Park Hyatt hotel in Shanghai, you can get it. This magnificent five-star resort occupies the top floors (79 to 93) of one of the tallest skyscrapers in the Far East, the Shanghai World Financial Center. The hotel has 174 rooms of pure Chinese design overlooking the city’s river, the Huangpu. It also offers its guests the traditional relaxation of a luxury spa, an exclusive area for Tai Chi and 8 restaurants of such high level as the skyscraper itself. The cost of booking a room in such luxurious accommodation ranges from $375 and the $1,100 per night.

#3. Hotel Ritz-Carlton. Hong Kong. China

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We spent another night in China to visit another of the most luxurious and emblematic hotels in the country, the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. The hotel occupies floors 102 to 118 of a skyscraper that is almost 490 meters high. This luxurious accommodation is not within reach of all pockets since, for example, the smallest room of the 312 rooms available costs a whopping 420 dollars a night. In addition to the incredible views, the tourist staying at this complex can enjoy a luxury spa (floor 116) and, also, the full gym of the 118th floor that distracts its weary users with a 28 “widescreen TV screen. × 7 meters

#4. Hotel Izmailovo. Moscow. Russia.

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The increasingly powerful Russia offers tourists who come to Moscow an authentic city within the city: the mega-resort Izmailovo, a huge complex that, according to its website, is unique throughout the country. The Izmailovo has rooms to accommodate more than 3,500 people at the same time, but also offers several high-level restaurants, conference rooms, shops, leisure areas? The 5 stars of this hotel, combined at a reasonable price – between $95 and $145 per night – make us enjoy even more the incredible views of the eternal city of Moscow.

#5. MGM Grand Las Vegas. The U.S.

the largest hotels

Perhaps the MGM Grand is the most photographed hotel in the world and, also, in which more films have been shot. With its 6,842 rooms, this colossus has deserved the title of the most extensive hotel in the world. Several of the Grand Grand Suites offer their guests the best views of the city of fortune, but there is a special room that shines on the rest, the Skyline Terrace suite. A duplex of 120 square meters, two bedrooms, two marble bathrooms with whirlpool baths and a 180-degree view of this splendid city.

The Grand completes its leisure offer with all the paraphernalia worthy of Hollywood: 19 restaurants, 5 huge pools with waterfalls and, how could it be otherwise, the largest casino in Clark County of Las Vegas. All this combines fabulous prices ranging from $50 and $200 per night. A game offer? Irresistible.

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