Las Vegas: 5 must-see attractions

Las Vegas
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Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas but you’re afraid of not being able to see the most important things? If you are not well organized you could exploit the time available and miss out on many interesting things. For this I recommend 5 attractions not to be missed, accompanying you on the roads … We start!

1 # Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas

If you are in Las Vegas you cannot miss the walk along the Strip: 2 km of road full of hotels and casinos, reconstructions of entire cities and architectural beauties. A riot of lights, huge flashing displays, colors and surreal objects.

Wherever you turn there is something to see: not just hotels but also big chains, the Hard Rock Cafe, the curious M & M store and the Coca Cola store, restaurants. Dating many tourists and even American doc, always with the constant companionship of booming music and the street artists.

A couple of tips …

  • If you have time to travel both in the evening and in the day, in order to appreciate the lights and the nocturnal atmosphere on one side, and the details of details with which the monuments symbol of the most famous cities in the world have been reproduced on the other;
  • Do it on foot, it’s worth it! You will fully enjoy its beauty and particularity. It’s long, but if I did it anyone can do it! If you do not feel or want to see every corner of the city you can use a means of transport, such as taxis or buses.

2 # Tour Hotel

The attraction that you must not miss in Las Vegas is the hotel tour, just like entering and leaving each one of them … and trying to see as many as possible!

You will wonder why, soon said: every time you will enter a different world, as each hotel has a specific theme and a sparkling casino inside.

There is New York New York, with a modern design that perfectly reflects the American city and the Luxor, inspired by the ancient Egyptians with a huge sphinx and behind a pyramid. Find the Excalibur, inspired by King Arthur, with medieval and fairytale style (I stayed right here!) Until you get to the reconstructions of the most famous cities like the Venetian hotel or Paris, inspired by Paris, with the Eiffel Tower redone in the smallest details.

Furthermore, there is a very modern area approximately halfway up the Strip called City Center , with hotels such as Aria, Harmon and Mandarin Oriental, a shopping center and luxury condominiums inside two particular twin towers inclined (Veer Towers).

A tip: The heat in the streets is so, even in the evening they touch the 42-43°C and then find less than 20°C in hotels. So bring a scarf with you to protect yourself from sudden changes in temperature.

3 # Caesar Palace

Las Vegas

Caesar Palace is a hotel with a style that recalls the Roman Empire and is located between two other famous casinos, the Bellagio and The Mirage. It has 3,349 rooms divided into 5 towers, but this is not what struck me most: it is among the 5 must-see attractions in Las Vegas for the entrance of the structure inspired by Saint Peter’s Square in Rome, with Roman-style statues and the luxurious shopping center inside.

The latter impressed me particularly, because it gave me the feeling of being really on the streets of Rome. The paved floor typical of a historic center, the ceiling looks like a clear sky and changes according to the hours of the day (in the evening it fills with stars), the shops, the ancient balconies, the Trevi fountain … fantastic!

Given the freshness you can enjoy thanks to the air conditioning, I recommend to visit it during the hottest hours of the day to get some relief.

4 # High Roller

167 meters made of about 2000 multicolored LED lights: it’s the High Roller, the highest panoramic wheel in the world. Walking through the streets of Las Vegas and raising your eyes to the sky it is impossible not to notice the huge illuminated ring, composed of 28 cabins that can accommodate 40 people each.

I’ve only seen it and it’s really breathtaking, but I hope you have the chance to go up (the tour lasts 30 minutes for about 35 $) because I imagine the amazing panorama that you can admire from up there, especially at night with the sparkling lights of Las Vegas.

5 # Fountains Bellagio

Las Vegas

The last attraction you cannot miss in Las Vegas are the Bellagio fountains, which are located in the large artificial lake in front of the hotel.

Every 30 minutes in the afternoon and every 15 in the evening, you can attend to a show a few minutes made of water games, music and lights which together form exceptional choreography. The most used songs are with you I will leave Bocelli and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, where it is surprising how the fountains move following the famous moonwalk of the singer.

I recommend you, as I did, to attend the show in the evening to fully enjoy the lights and fountain games in the dark night.


In this post I suggested you 5 free attractions not to be missed in Las Vegas, which I hope will help you not to get “unprepared”.

This beautiful city is also a strategic starting point for paid excursions to the most famous parks and the Grand Canyon. I have preferred to take advantage of the little time to “taste it” to the full, but if you have more, I highly recommend flying over the Grand Canyon by helicopter (it will take almost an entire day).

The important thing is to organize yourself well by deciding, according to the time available and the budget, what you want to see and what unfortunately you have to renounce, even for not spending a fortune.

And for you, what are the things to see in Las Vegas?

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