The most luxurious hotels in the world

luxurious hotels
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In our travels around the world, one of the things we must take into account when making the choice of our destination is the luxurious hotel. A good accommodation will considerably improve our stay and allow us to rest from exhausting visits to the city or country that we have chosen.

Some establishments seem to contain all the needs that may arise during our period there, although in general, they are not usually affordable enough for the vast majority of tourists to enjoy them.

Here we mention some of the most luxurious hotels in the world

luxurious hotels in the world

If any region stands out for its high opulence and detail that is undoubtedly the area around Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. There we will enjoy some of the greatest sophistication existing today. Suites with two floors, carpets valued in millions of euros and marble bathtubs with gold finishes. Read more: The 5 best thematic hotels in the world

A good example of this type of construction is the Burj Al Arab luxurious hotels, the first ‘ seven stars ‘ on the planet. One of its biggest extravagances is its heliport, which while it is not used to transport customers serves as a spectacular tennis court. Its shape is similar to that of a sailboat and it is located on the sea, which accentuates this effect. Read more: The 5 largest hotels in the world

Another area where a greater number of high standing lodgings are grouped is in ‘Sin City’, Las Vegas. Its famous casinos have spacious rooms that include all kinds of exuberance, one of the most common are its waterfalls that run through the bedroom as waterfalls.

The most luxurious hotels

These prominent waterfalls are some of the extras chosen by many of the most extravagant celebrities. Despite the lack of water in the area, its bars are also located in the center of large pools that will delight the most daring. The best destination if we want a bit of fun.

Another recommendation is the prestigious luxurious hotels Capri Palace located in Capri, on the island of Capri, in Italy, which has been chosen ‘the best spa destination’ in 2006 and in 2008 ‘ the best hotel in the world ‘ along with the title to ‘ best thermal spa ‘. Of course, our destiny if we want to relax and forget about the daily hustle and bustle.

top luxurious hotels

Due to its affluence, its unique climate and its beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters, the Caribbean Sea has become one of the biggest tourist attractions. However, it is also for its luxury resorts. One of the most remarkable is the Ma roman Riviera Maya, belonging to Mexico, which houses some of the most impressive views of all we could visit. Both its beach, its ponds, and pools will delight the most sophisticated.

most luxurious hotels

One of the most striking and atypical accommodations is the luxurious hotels Helipad de Canadá, where all its interior is formed from ice. Their stays are kept to several degrees below zero, which will force us to stay with voluminous layers of shelter even when going to rest. Although, all the rooms stand out for their enormous amount of space and for their magical games of lights. A different proposal for the most innovative.

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