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On our planet, there is an incredible number of beautiful and unusual places that amaze adventurers and new experiences with their landscapes. However, specialists who study the features of natural phenomena and the earth’s landscape, warning that in the near future they can disappear from the face of the Earth. What are these places?

Disappear: Seychellesdisappear

These islands are very popular, thanks to fabulous landscapes, diverse flora and fauna and an incredible history dating back to prehistoric times when pirate looting flourished, and farmers used slave labor. But very few people know that this paradise town in the next 100 years may disappear from the face of the earth, as the coastline of the islands is gradually being destroyed. Read more: The 5 best trips that can be made from London for 1 day

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzaniadisappear

This mountain peak is the highest in Africa (its height reaches about 5.9 thousand meters) and is a volcano that has been asleep for a long time. Kilimanjaro causes interest because, being very close to the equator, its peak is covered by a snow cap. However, the scientists claim that this is not for long. Only in the last century, the snow cover has decreased by 85%, and this process continues. That is why in the near future the mountain range will cease to please its visitors with its splendor. Read more: The five most curious places in Nantes that are worth visiting

Mirador and Tikal National Park, Guatemaladisappear

It is here that you can admire the remains of the ancient Mayan civilization. Ruins of the ancient city are difficult to access because are in the depths of the tropical jungle. For this reason, the place is not very popular with tourists. Nevertheless, in addition to archeologists and researchers, marauders often look here in search of treasure and easy money, which by their excavations destroy the existing infrastructure of the area. They are also helped by forest fires, which are quite common here.

Sundarbans, India

The land that was designated for the conservation of endangered animals and plants is the national park of India and is considered a protected area. However, this does not prevent enterprising representatives of the business sector from engaging in deforestation and finding natural fuels, which in turn contributes to the rise in water levels and the destruction of the shoreline.

Glaciers of Patagonia, Argentinadisappear

This landmark, created by nature itself 30,000 years ago, is truly grandiose and magnificent. Scientists warn that at the present time in this region there is a decrease in precipitation and an increase in atmospheric temperature, and consequently, the glacier is becoming smaller and may soon disappear altogether.

This is only a small part of those amazing places that can very soon cease to exist. If you hurry, you can not only admire the beauty of these attractions but also save rare photographs in your archive for descendants.

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