Portorož: Discover the pearl of the Slovenian coast

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On the Slovenian coast there is a hidden treasure: it is Portorož, a place that is increasingly appreciated by tourists from all over the world and that cannot be missed among the destinations to visit during your visit to Slovenia.

This small hamlet, which has just 2.956 inhabitants, has much to offer, from different points of view.

In fact, it is not only a purely tourist area, but also sees the presence of historical and cultural structures, such as EMUNI and the Euromediterranean University.

Portorož, climate and location

Portorož attracts thousands of tourists every year for its excellent location as well as for its mild climate.

It is located on the Adriatic coast in the southern area of the Gulf of Trieste, more precisely in what is called Bay of Piran.

Its position makes it suitable not only for a holiday linked to the sea and the beach, but also as a starting point for visits and excursions.


In fact, besides being really close to the city of Piran, Portorose will allow you to travel without too much trouble to Koper, Trieste itself and even to places in Istria such as Fiume and Pola.

You can, as we have already anticipated, also enjoy the climate of the town, which is truly unique, also thanks to its particular location.

In winter, it does not fall below 5 degrees, while in summer it has an average temperature of around 25 degrees.

This makes Portorož suitable, therefore, for a holiday with the family and children, as you will certainly not suffer from the sultriness and the suffocating heat that can be present in many other areas of the Adriatic. Its climate makes it a perfect choice in every season and for any type of sporting activity you want to practice, from kayaking, swimming or cycling and walking.

A fascinating story

Portorož, like many other places overlooking the sea, has a really interesting history, as it has been occupied by different populations.

Its first settlements were those of the Illyrians, who settled in Portorož already during the prehistoric era.

Later the Celts arrived, defeated and “set aside” by the Roman Empire. The presence of the Romans is evidenced by the findings of patrician villas and farms dating back to the Empire period.

The area continued to develop after the fall of the Roman Empire and the Barbarians first settled there and, from the 7th century, the Byzantines.

Here, then, the soul of Portorož is truly multi-faceted, and you can only discover it by visiting its territory.


What to do in Portorož?

Staying in Portorož you will have the opportunity to experience different experiences that will allow you to spend an unforgettable holiday.

You can start visiting the area by discovering the church and monastery of San Bernardino, which date back to the 15th century, to go to the Magazzini del Sale Magazen Grando and Monfort.

The impressive warehouses dating back to the 19th century can be visited both from outside and inside. Just inside the Monfort is today the Museum of the Sea where you can discover the history of the territory, and also visit the collections of contemporary art that are housed there.

For those who love nature, Portorose offers not only the sea, but also many opportunities to make really beautiful and “genuine” nature excursions.

The Sentiero di Portorose, which is only 5 kilometers long, will give you the opportunity to rediscover the territory in a unique way, while if you went to Portorose especially to relax you can do it in the spas and wellness centers that offer treatments with sea water, swimming pools and massages of the highest level.

Finally, of course, you can spend beautiful days on the seashore, a crystal clear and pristine sea that will amaze you with every dive.

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