Tips to enjoy your pregnancy on the beach

pregnancy on the beach
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A winter pregnancy on the beach can be a very pleasant experience , but it is also true that throwing yourself into the beach with an important gut has nothing to do with those winter as a bachelor rowing in the sun with no more worry than moving from the beach bar to the hammock and the hammock to the shore.

Pregnant the beach is another thing, really, but you can also have a great time following these tips to enjoy your pregnancy on the beach .

When and how

best pregnancy on the beach

Of course the most pleasant hours to escape to the beach in an advanced state of gestation are early in the morning or at sunset, to avoid the hottest hours and the strongest sun.

The last hours of the afternoon are also the best to prevent the voltage drops to which we are so prone during pregnancy.

If despite our potbellied we dare to challenge the beach at peak hours of noon always agree to ensure an adequate shadow.

Bikini or swimsuit

With the proper precautions there is nothing wrong with showing pregnancy and gut in a normal bikini but it should be kept in mind that very strong light can disturb the baby’s sleep rhythm in the gut.

In addition, when the skin is already very tight the risk of sunburn in this area is greater so we must apply cream with a high protection factor frequently.

If we are going to be in the sun on the beach in the central hours of the day a flattering premature swimsuit that allows us to cover the gut will be our best option.

Water, our element

top pregnancy on the beach

Dehydration is perhaps the biggest enemy of the pregnant woman on the beach. We must always remember to bring fresh water in abundance and to drink frequently .

The sea water is ideal to alleviate the edema, refresh and reduce fluid retention. Do not deprive yourself of swimming in the sea and walking along the shore.

Facing the sun

The hormonal status of the pregnant woman also affects the production of melanin in the skin. Gestational chilies and other sunspots may appear as a result of color collapse so it is best to apply creams with the appropriate filters.

Exposure to the sun also obscures the lineal Alba that some women wore on the abdomen so if you prefer to avoid it is better to opt for a swimsuit that covers the gut.

The indispensable

One of the biggest challenges of a pregnant woman on the beach is the position to adopt. Incorporating, sitting or lying down in the sand can turn into risky sports in the last months of pregnancy.

For me the best option, more worthy than rolling from the hammock to the sand, are the folding chairs of a lifetime. They provide us with adequate rest for our battered backs without turning the rise into a titanic task.

The sunshade is also a great ally of the pregnant woman to give us the shade that we will surely appreciate to save us from the sun and the heat.

Like fish in the water

Swimming in the sea is an excellent sport for pregnant women but always with extreme caution. On the one hand we must avoid strong waves hitting us in the gut or back.

It is also not advisable to get too far from the shore because during pregnancy it is common to suffer leg cramps that could make it difficult to return to the mainland.

With small children

enjoy your pregnancy on the beach

All these tips are very good but what happens when besides wearing a beautiful belly we carry other young children? The thing gets complicated. Much. In particular if one of the children does not swim yet with ease.

In our case, with four girls and a pregnancy of eight months, we do not give up on the beach that girls enjoy so much but I am always accompanied and I try to avoid getting in and out of the water with some of the little ones in my arms.

Pregnancy on the beach: Eye with these precautions

discover pregnancy on the beach

When a pregnant dodges excess body to the sun, is not only significant exposure belly to the sun, but also the legs, since they raise the blood temperature and transported by the circulatory torrent throughout the body, which produces the phenomenon of denaturation of certain placental proteins that cause biochemical problems in the functioning of the body and may eventually cause the loss of pregnancy.

Also, the direct effect of radiation on the sensitive skin of a pregnant woman also produces a phenomenon called chiliasm of pregnancy, that is, the appearance of spots on the face in the form of butterfly wings and skin spots.

These consequences can occur if you do not manage enough information when relaxing in the sun, especially on the beach as the effect of sunlight multiplies because when reflected in the sand, it bounces, warms and affects the body. up and down.  we inform you about the main precautions about this activity:

  • Use sun protection creams with a high protection index: 30 or more.
  • It reduces the time of exposure, avoiding the hours of greater irradiation, the central hours of the day and exposing yourself directly to the sun’s rays.
  • If the temperature is suffocating it is not convenient that you stay, it is preferable to go somewhere cool to rest and return when the temperature has dropped
  • On the beach only eat food that you have the security that has been well refrigerated and water that you have the security that is safe.
  • In the sea it is not recommended to swim where you do not touch bottom, since being pregnant you are frequently exposed to cramps in the legs and this can put you at risk.
  • Be careful with big, strong waves, and make sure they do not hit your belly.
  • Try not to play beach sports that overwork your body, they can be harmful to your pregnancy.
  • The walks in the sun on the beach do it only at very early hours of the morning or afternoon in the sunset, walked by firm sand (near the shore) and not in sand that demands more effort, it is possible that your tummy contract Stop to rest whenever you feel you need it.

Following these tips you can enjoy your pregnancy on the beach without taking any unnecessary risk.

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