How to rent a car in Europe?

car in Europe
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In the modern world, even a child knows how to rent a car in Europe. But here’s how to find the car of the right class, at the best price, with air conditioning, insurance, and other additional services. while not spending a lot of time searching, it turns out the task is not easy. So, consider 5 tips on how to rent a car in Europe correctly.

Rent a car in Europe from rental brokers

rent a car in Europe

Of course, you can go straight to the distributors, but it will be more expensive, and the choice of cars is less than that of brokers. And so you will get a good discount and a car that you really want. Rent Car companies are only pleased that rolling brokers deliver them to customers, for this they throw off a commission for brokers, and they are for tourists. Read more: Best 4-star hotels in Crete, Greece

Check the terms of the lease

a car in Europe

Consider what should be included in car rental ideally. First of all, unlimited mileage, you need to check that the cost of rent should not be calculated from a kilometer, but from the number of days you need. Taxes and duties, including VAT, should also be included. And, of course, cheap auto insurance that can offer you protection against any damage and theft that could occur to your vehicle. All additional services already go for an additional fee, for example, round-the-clock support in case of breakage. And read even in small letters and strange conditions, this is an occasion to think about the honesty of the supplier. Read more: 4 best cars for traveling in Europe

Determine in advance what kind of car you need

best car in Europe

In fact, a banal advice, but not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. First of all, it is necessary to consider the factor of seasonality when choosing a car. After all, in the hot season you’ll probably need air conditioning, and when traveling in the winter in the mountains should not forget about the chain on wheels and all-wheel drive. Keep reading

Important trivia

idea rent car in Europe

Rental companies need to be notified of what boundaries and what country you are going to go to avoid problems. Also, some distributors are not allowed to drive on dirt roads. And one more thing, the age of the driver is basically allowed to rent a car, starting at age 21.

Check the bank card

car in Europe

Note also that you can leave a deposit for the car only with Visa or MasterCard credit cards. If you come with cash, then as a deposit for a car in Europe they will not be taken. And still consider the fact that the deposit is returned to the card within a month, and this time depends on your bank. Sometimes you even have to call and remind where the return money from the distributor is.

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