The best places in Kiev for rest with children

rest with children
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Rest with children– do not know what to do with your kids during the holidays? Have you failed to send them to the seas or to some kind of camp? For the second month, they are bored, walking around the children’s playgrounds around the house or watching TV?

Kiev is rich in places where you can relax with children, ranging from parks and museums, and ending with a variety of entertainment centers. But, if you already bypassed it, journalists offer you the best places for rest with children in Kiev :rest with children

  1. The first place in the list of the best places for rest with children is occupied by the Kiev zoo. A zoo is a  universal place for recreation, you can walk around all day long. Kids will like to look at the ponds with birds, on bunnies and squirrels, and in particular, on a family of tigers or lions.
  2. Then you can take a stroll to the Landscape Avenue, which has long been considered a favorite holiday destination for Kyivans. It is an amazing fairy-tale world that will amaze the child’s imagination.
  3. If your child likes active rest, then you can go to the  Rope Adventure Park “Seiklar”, which is located in the   Park of Partisan Glory (Darnytskyi district).
  4. You can take a good walk along the Dnieper embankment, watch the boats or even ride one of them. Then you can go up to Mikhailovskaya square by cable car. It’s a small but interesting trip.
  5. You can visit the Children’s Railway in Syrets Park. This is a real railway with real trains. And it is called children’s because of children 9-15 years old work for it.
  6. An excellent place to relax is the Andreevsky Descent. Where else in Kiev can you see so many diverse unusual things, if not there? Andreevsky Descent  – the most comfortable place in Kiev, it is filled with a unique charm and spirit of antiquity. This is a street-museum. Here you can always hear the best street musicians, see pictures of artists.
  7. Every day, horseback riding is popular. Quite small children, of course, it is terrible to put even on ponies, but 5-year-olds can. Kids with pleasure ride on a small horse and, with the permission of the coach, treat the animal.

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