10 Romantic and creative to celebrate your honeymoon idea

honeymoon idea
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Regardless of where you are going, enjoy together this special occasion with these 10 romantic and creative to celebrate your honeymoon idea. They will remember her forever!

What happiness! The two said “yes”, they are already husband and wife! And now it’s time to enjoy the honeymoon with all that it implies: wedding night-, a rich trip to an exotic place, walks on the beach, candlelight, shopping, massages … So that they live it big, I share 10 romantic and creative ideas to celebrate your honeymoon idea. It will be very special!

Do romantic photo sessions your honeymoon idea

your honeymoon idea

Document your honeymoon idea with photos of you two or objects that represent them or that are symbolic of your love. For example, they can record their names in the sand and take a picture, photographs the chocolate wrappers they enjoyed in the early morning after making love or taking selfies in the hotel room. The idea is that they are photos not so much of the destinations they visit, but if you and their relationship, that they are artistic photos with a lot of meaning. Once they return home, they can print some and make a collage with them. Read more: 7 fashion trends for the honeymoon in 2018

Organize a passionate night for your husband

celebrate your honeymoon idea

Try to leave the room for a while and hurry to prepare an unforgettable night of sex. Get flower petals (for the bed). Buy whipped cream, peanut butter, liquid chocolate (or whatever you like) to “play.” Take with you from home some sex toys (you could even browse online sex shops like Saucy Boutique for some new ones just for the occasion) and a wonderful lingerie set. Or even, surprise him by pretending you’re the maid and you get to service the room. Use your imagination and, based on what you like, organize the perfect romantic evening. You will make it happy! Read more: Honeymoon in Africa: an amazing and unforgettable world

Do not miss the message

The massages and treatments are a classic of the honeymoon, and you can not miss them. Set aside a couple, to make it more special and ask for packages for newlyweds. There are always surprises.

Organize a special day for the other. Part of the honeymoon goes on to know the destinations and visit points of interest. It would be a detail that will organize each one a day or a trip designed for the other person. For example, if you know that your husband is a football fan, look for some tickets for a game or go for a drink at a famous sports bar in the area. Or if you like architecture, you can hire a tourist guide to guide you through the most beautiful neighborhoods on the site. The joke is to plan a trip tailored to your partner, and she will do it for you, even if it does not include tourist destinations. The idea is to make it an unforgettable trip.

Picnic in the light of the candles -or the Moon

To give a twist to the typical your honeymoon idea dinners, you can organize a picnic on the beach, in a park or in an outdoor or special place. Take your dinner, drinks, candles, music and some blankets to cover yourself. Be creative, you will see that they will have an incredible time.

Messages of love

best honeymoon idea

At some point during the honeymoon, they buy postcards and each one sends the other one with a nice message of love. Tell yourself how much you love yourself, what it means to be married and start a new life, tell yourself everything you feel. Send them to your home and so, when you return from your trip, a nice detail will await you.

Gifts for the honeymoon idea

If you do not want any gifts for the house, a great option is to ask the guests to give them tours, dinners, walks and experiences for the destinations they will visit on the honeymoon. This can be done through online sites that offer gift tables for honeymoon travel, You can build your gift table to your liking, and include what you want for your travel. You can even ask for hotel nights!

They carry the honey with you

During your honeymoon, decide what object, food, song, movie, image, place … represent your love and make it yours. Once back in their city of origin, they relive their honeymoon eating that food, listening to that song, with a giant poster of that place … the idea is that they take a bit of that experience to their life and enjoy it. and again to remember how much they love each other.

Dare to play

the honeymoon idea

If they are winnowed or if they have been together for a long time and want to dare to do something new, play to that they do not know each other. Yes, it’s very funny. Stay in a certain place at a time, and pretend that you do not know each other. They can invent different personalities or use theirs – the former is funnier. Begin to talk, invent your life, reinvent yourself! See where the game takes you. Be creative and spicy, the joke is that they uninhibited and go places or do things that normally would not dare to be.

Celebrate your love. Choose a special place, super romantic, and take a few minutes to look each other in the eye, say how much you love each other, kiss, hug each other … Do not dig into anything but you and live that magical moment together to the fullest. They will remember him forever!

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