Discover 6 essential things to do in Scotland capital

Scotland capital
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Scotland capital is one of the four nations that are part of the United Kingdom along with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ready to visit this fantastic country. And know all the secrets it keeps? Today we pack our bags and leave to show you what to do in Scotland capital!

Curiosities about Scotland capital

the Scotland capital

Scotland capital was an independent state until 1707, which was united with England to be part of the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Its climate is oceanic and temperate. Its winters are slightly colder than those of the rest of the United Kingdom because of its location to the north. In addition, there is a difference between the east and west zones: the latter is warmer than the previous one. But both share one aspect: the rain.

And it is that Scotland is a place where the precipitations are abundant, mainly in summer. Even so, there is also a difference between the east and west zones. However, even the rain is not able to make the beauty of this wonderful place fall.

6 essential things to do in Scotland capital

Now that we know a little bit about Scotland capital. It’s time for you to know which are the best plans to carry out there. We offer you different options.

Delve into the legend of Loch Ness and the castle of Urquhart

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It is inevitable, visiting Loch Ness  is one of the first things to do in Scotland capital . This lake is perhaps the most popular place in Scotland thanks to the legend of Nessie, a legendary creature that is said to inhabit its waters. The legend circulates from the year 1933, when a false photograph was published that showed the supposed presence of the monster. Although he tried to slow down, the legend had already begun to circulate.

For this reason, it is one of the most visited places in Scotland capital. In it are the ruins of the castle of Urquhart. You can visit by car, but tours are also organized from Edinburgh. Nothing like soaking in this place of legend.

Visit the Eilean Donan Castle

the Scotland capital

It is a fortress located on a small island of the same name, northwest of Scotland. It is located between the lakes Duich. And Alsh communicating the latter with the Atlantic Ocean. It began to be built in the thirteenth century from the ruins of an old fort to defend against the Vikings.

It can only be accessed through a boat or a narrow stone bridge that connects the island with the shore of the lake. So that in its day it was a very difficult place to take.

Currently, it is one of the best-known and most visited castles in Scotland. Its appeal has made it the scene of many films in recent years. Such as  The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (1970), The Immortals (1986) and Loch Ness (1995).

Admire the views from Neist Point

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Another thing to do in Scotland. Neist Point is the “end of the Scottish world”. It is located on the Isle of Skye , a lonely island, on whose edge a cliff. And a hill open, where the lighthouse of Neist Point is located.

The Neist Point lighthouse is the most famous in Scotland capital. It was lit for the first time in 1909 and is still operational today. In the background you can enjoy the silhouette of the Outer Hebrides Islands while you admire the green rocks and some movie views.

Its access is complicated, since you have to drive on narrow roads dodging animals, but it is certainly a trip that is worth it.

Visit Dunnottar Castle

Scotland capital

It is peculiar not only for its appearance, but for the place where it is located. The castle is on a cliff of rock facing the sea! A very strategic place to defend against attacks.

It was built a century later than Eilean Donan. And like this one, it has also been the scene of films, such as  Hamlet. It is in ruins, although you can visit a part and enjoy at the same time some views that will leave you speechless. It can be reached by car or bus.

Meet Edinburgh

Scotland capital

A plan that must be done in Scotland yes or yes. Edinburgh is a cozy, magical city with a great atmosphere. It has two different parts: Old Town and New Town.

Like the rest of the country, it has a beautiful castle from which the city is dominated.  There are also many areas of pubs if you want to enjoy the best atmosphere of the city and, of course, try the whiskey.

Finally, you can not leave this city without first having seen the sunset on the hill of Calton Hill. From it you can witness one of the best views of Edinburgh. We also like  a walk along the Royal Mile and Circus Lane. Or visit the Palace of Holyrood.

Visit Rosslyn Chapel and The Borders

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The Borders is an area south of Edinburgh that hides numerous charming villages and ruins of monuments with history. Most of them are medieval abbeys and we recommend you visit Rosslyn Chapel. A well-known place thanks to the book and film The Da Vinci Code.

Rosslyn Chapel was built in the fifteenth century and is full of gargoyles, symbols and reliefs carved in stone. History tells us that in this abbey the Templars were able to hide the Holy Grail.

As a curiosity, we tell you that some people maintain that the sculptures of the chapel are a portal to another dimension. It is said that if it were opened, the end of the world would happen. There are also those who say that a UFO ship crashed in the vicinity of the chapel. Disturbing!

These are some of the things that need to be done in Scotland. Undoubtedly. It is an interesting visit, full of castles, spectacular views. And above all, history and legends. Scotland capital is a place with a long history to tell.

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