What To See In Liverpool In One Day?

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Today we take you with us Liverpool in one day. During our trip to England, Liverpool was not planned, but when chiltern railways calls with a tempting offer: we respond. And for a grown up in bread and Beatles I could not but book with tears in my eyes. But let’s get back to us … Liverpool in less than 24 hours; crazy? Well here is our itinerary for those who want to replicate it.

What to see in Liverpool in one day?

Our itinerary on what to see in Liverpool in one day starts at Lime Street station. Let’s now see one by one all the things not to be missed.

St Georges Hal l: A city building that hosts meetings and concerts,

Walker Alker Art Gallery and World Museum: Definitely deserve both, so choose according to your interests.

Central Entral Library: I am attracted by all the bookstores around the world but this is unmissable even for the entrance that shows titles of various novels where you will certainly find your favorite.

Liverpool In One Day

Metroplotan Cathedral: From the outside it’s really special but the atmosphere inside is something incredible, it’s not every day to see two or three bands playing in a church! A mix of village square and place of worship.

St Lukes Church: From the outside looks like a church as you see many others in England but the interior … .well you do not spoil anything. Along the way we also find the Chinese Arch that for a second brings us back to the London entrance of Chinatown.

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Liverpool Cathedral: The largest cathedral in the United Kingdom and the ninth in the world. Admission is free while to get on the tower you have to make a ticket (often in the stations I found vouchers with 2X1 offers that saved us a little).

Albert Dock: Declared a UNESCO heritage site, this port area consists of a series of former warehouses now used as museums and shops. Among the museums it is worth mentioning: Merseyside Maritime Museum, International Slavery Museum, Museum of Liverpool Life, Tate Liverpool and The Beatles Story. Even here you will not be spoiled for choice. We have tested the Merseyside maritime museum and the museum of Liverpool life and really deserve it. Little curiosity: in the museum of Liverpool life there is a room with a karaoke; I choose the song (of the Beatles of course) and start singing out of tune like a bell … only at the end Nicola, who was left out, tells me that the room was not soundproof. Keep reading http://diffone.com/travel/seven-things-that-you-should-not-put-in-your-suitcase-if-you-travel-to/

Liverpool In One Day

Superlambanana: The city is full of it. We still have not understood what they are but they were really too cute not to photograph them, right?

Next to the Albert Dock are the so-called Three Graces: The Royal Liver Building (sharpen your sight to see the Liver Birds, symbolic birds of Liverpool, on its towers), the Cunard Building and the Port of Liverpool Building. Just in front of the three Graces you will find the statue of the Beatles and not you can leave Liverpool without having taken a picture?

As a fan of the Beatles in our Liverpool itinerary in one day we could not miss Matthew Street with the famous Cavern Club where it all started, we must not add anything else!

Another of our passion is football stadiums and Liverpool boasts two really important ones: the Anfield Stadium (home of the Liverpool football club) and the Goodison Park (Everton stadium). Both stadiums are an unmissable stop for fans of the sport and a tour inside the Anfield stadium is really recommended to see the legendary The Kop up close.

Before saying goodbye to Liverpool in one day we want to give you another little tip: most of our tour has been done on foot but Liverpool has a very efficient transport network and the daily card, The Walrus, costs less than £ 4 so you like walking or not you have no excuse: Liverpool is waiting for you!

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