What to see in Venice in one day? 6 places not to be missed

Venice in one day
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There is nothing better than being a tourist in your own country, because sometimes, even if it is snubbed, Italy remains one of the most fascinating countries in terms of history, architecture, culture and of course culinary. Among the most touristic cities of Italy there can only be Venice, perhaps the most romantic city of Italy.

But if you have little time available to visit it as you do? Which places and activities should be given priority if you are planning visit to Venice in one day? Similarly to an article appeared not so long ago on Expedia that develops a route to time stops in the Veneto, or we want to explain and talk about what to see in Venice in one day.

What to see in Venice in one day?

The best way to explore Venice is to walk and get lost among the streets, or streets of the city. The boats are very comfortable to reach neighborhoods such as Giudecca, Castello, Lido or the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello, but because of the high costs and the large turnout they risk to ruin the Venetian magic.

Obviously it is not possible to admire all the extraordinary beauties this city has to offer. Probably not even a week of tour de force would be enough to explore it all properly. Nevertheless, here is what to see in Venice in a day, an ideal itinerary for the tourist who has little time and who does not want to miss any breathtaking point.

1 – Piazza San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs

Venice in one day

The first inevitable part of the itinerary on what to see in Venice in a day can only be Piazza San Marco, perhaps the most iconic square in Italy. Here you can visit both the Basilica and the Campanile, but also the Bridge of Sighs, located a few meters from the square.

Venice in one day

It is a bridge that connects the prison with the Palazzo Ducale and it was on this bridge that the prisoners issued their last sighs. From here the bridge took the name we all know today.

2 – Fondaco dei Tedeschi Terrace

Venice in one day

If you want to admire Venice from above, the Fondaco dei Tedeschi Terrace is undoubtedly the most suitable place. You have to enter the shopping center, located in the center of Venice, go up to the top floor and cross the door that leads to the terrace.

A fantastic show and more for free, but that is not always possible to visit with ease. In fact, on the busiest days, you cannot go up immediately, but you have to wait for your turn because the terrace has a certain capacity.

3 – Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Venice in one day

Another very suggestive panoramic point to see in part Venice from above is the Scala Contarini del Bovolo, to be inserted immediately in the itinerary on what to see in Venice in one day.

A staircase with Gothic architecture that offers a breathtaking view of the Venetian roofs, even if it does not reach a height too high. However, it is worth a visit, given the low entry price: € 7 for adults, € 6 for those under 26.

4 – Rialto Bridge

Venice in one day

Another unmissable place in Venice is the famous Rialto Bridge, probably the most photographed bridge in Italy. The view of the Venetian lagoon is priceless, with all the gondolas and water taxis passing by on the Grand Canal, even if you have to deal with the high congestion of tourists.

An advice is to take pictures not only on the bridge, but also next to it, since there are fewer people and you can photograph the bridge, the lagoon and the gondolas at once. Not bad, right?

5 – Acqua Alta bookcase

Venice in one day

If you do not know what to see in Venice in one day a drop at the Acqua Alta bookstore cannot miss. This is one of the most famous libraries in the world and hundreds of tourists flock every day to photograph the interior, made by gondolas that hold books, but above all to capture the outdoor area.

In this delightful corner there is a huge pile of books that forms a sort of “ladder” on which to take unique photos and from which it is also possible to see the canal that passes through the buildings. A truly iconic and particular location.

6 – Casa di Marco Polo

Venice in one day

In the Cannaregio district there is also another inviting stop, especially for history buffs. We talk about the house where Marco Polo lived and is located in Calle Scaleta.

The house is easily recognizable because on the exterior of the wall, a plaque has been applied with the name Marco Polo on it. Therefore it is impossible to be wrong.

7 – Cicchetti and typical specialties

Venice in one day

And after a whole day walking and deciding what to see in Venice in a day how can you end the evening? It is precisely at this juncture that the night side of Venice comes into play, thanks to the amazing atmosphere of its bacari, or the premises where you can enjoy an excellent aperitif at a low price.

There are a lot of bacari in Venice, but the common denominator is the spritz, a typical aperitif drink with a really cheap price, but above all the cicchetti, that is small portions of typical specialties that can be enjoyed one after the other, maybe right on the banks of the Grand Canal.

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