10 short travel quotes once in life

short travel quotes
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Short travel quotes– There are two types of trips: those that are going to relax and enjoy the tranquility, and others in which adventure reigns, nature and the backpack is your best company. Exploring every corner of a country is a dream for many and, above all, to live unforgettable experiences. For this, we recommend that you plan your trip and visit these roads short travel quotes once in a lifetime.

Top 10 short travel quotes once in life

Inca Trail (Peru)

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The road built by the Incas to reach the city of Mach Pickup is truly unique. On your journey you will cross the jungle, climb to the top of the mountains and you will feel in full contact with the history of the country .

The Lycian Way (Turkey)

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Turkey is a country full of wonders and through this path you can discover it. Get ready to watch the turquoise blue bays from above, to the three thousand year old rocks left by the ancient inhabitants of Lycia.

The Camino de Santiago (Spain)

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A medieval road that the pilgrims of the time short travel quotes to pay homage to San Pedro el Justo, patron of Spain. A journey that will allow you to rediscover and get to know yourself , while discovering truly incredible landscapes .

The Annapurna circuit (Nepal)

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Nepal is a country that hosts some of the most majestic mountains in the world and touring them is an experience. Learn about the Buddhist temples and the great canyons that are hidden in the Annapurna mountain.

The Bay of fires (Australia)

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The cliffs that cross this bay have an orange color that gives particularity to the place. A four-day tour of the Australian coast with views that you will always remember.

Sarek National Park (Sweden)

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A landscape belonging to a fairy tale . Get ready to discover the highest mountain in Sweden, the glaciers and the northern lights in this park, the feeling you will experience will never be forgotten.

The stairway to heaven (Hawaii)

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On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, 4000 steps await you that will make you ascend to heaven . A feeling of vertigo and adrenaline will go through your entire body as you climb the Haiku ladder , built by American soldiers during World War II.

Shikoku pilgrimage route (Japan)

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The beauty of ancient Japan is preserved intact on the island of Shikoku. The tour lasts two months, during which you will discover 88 Buddhist temples along the way with their beautiful Japanese gardens.

Overland Track (Australia)

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If you want to discover the most beautiful places in Tasmania you have to make this route. The towering mountains, the lakes with crystal clear water, the waterfalls and the fields of heather, all full of typical Australian animals such as kangaroo or wombats.

Zion National Park (United States)

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A landscape full of colors in which you can enjoy really strange tunnels, canyons, cliffs and plateaus of stones, all painted blue, orange and pink, among others. A really fantastic place

Have you done any of these short travel quotes to go once in your life? Traveling with a backpack on your back and discovering all these places, can become an experience you will never forget.

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