Summer holidays in family

Summer holidays
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There are many days ahead until the new school year begins. They are a very long summer holiday in which most families have to reorganize their schedules or look for alternative activities for children until the parents (or at least one of them) can also enjoy their summer holidays. But it is also important to carefully prepare the days on which the holidays of parents and children coincide in order to be able to enjoy time together, encourage a more relaxed family life, increase communication and strengthen emotional ties and, of course, to continue learning.

Summer holidays points to consider

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As we have already said, the holidays are very long and they can give much of themselves. If we organize ourselves well, we will have time for everything. It is enough that we take into account the following points:

#1. We all have the time to plan to go to the mountains, to the beach, to the pool, to relax at home; to go to new places or to meet again with family and friends: the destination and the chosen activities will depend as much on the ages and interests of the little ones as on the possibilities and preferences of the parents. Therefore, as our children grow they will feel more involved if they can express their opinion or participate more and more in the planning of family vacations. Read more: Let’s go! 5 win-win ideas for a holiday in Kiev, if you are a daredevil

#2. The journey, one more moment of the summer holidays. Whatever the means of transport chosen, we must ensure that the trip is as pleasant as possible, explaining in advance after the children the details of the itinerary (route, estimated time, possible stops, etc.), trying to make everyone as comfortable as possible. possible, observing and commenting on everything that surrounds them, singing, playing … Thus we can turn small events into stimulating experiences. Read more: BEACHES OF RHODES FOR HOLIDAYS WITH CHILDREN

#3. Everything a little. Not everyone uses time in the same way, each person looks for different things. Throughout the summer there are many opportunities for rest, fun, communication with others or personal development. It is good to lie down, contemplate the horizon or leave the mind blank to relax and enjoy everything. However, without a minimum planning and a relatively structured schedule, the summer could become somewhat boring, without any objective. We can do many things, either by developing our own hobbies or awakening new interests, but always taking the necessary time to enjoy each and every one of the activities.

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#4. Plan yes, but do not force. While we should not let time slip away, we should not be obsessed with exercising an exaggerated guardianship over children, thinking that we must always be doing something practical or educational. We will select activities based on family interests, the time available and the environment in which we find ourselves so that we always find something to do, but there must also be some freedom. It is important that our children, in addition to learning, can also rest and make their own decisions. Free time must be full of naturalness and spontaneity because there are going to be many unexpected situations that we should not let go. Keep reading

#5. Study time? Throughout the course, the children have dedicated many hours to study (school and homework) and to extracurricular activities. If the results have been good, it is preferable that they perform attractive recreational activities that they can share with their parents or that allow them to expand their relationships with children of their age and do only the tasks recommended by the teachers. However, if the course has not finished satisfactorily, it will be necessary to plan a time to review, but never forgetting leisure and rest, essential ingredients to be able to successfully face the next school year. Summer is not just a time of homework: reading, practicing a sport, doing excursions or fun activities you also learn a lot. Some suggestions:

Practice sports: it helps to shape the child’s personality. Not only is physical development enhanced but it also teaches them to relate to others, encourages responsibility and perseverance, and shapes values.

Encourage the love of reading: respect their rhythms and find appropriate books that connect with their hobbies, all with affection, are slow but effective procedures to get them to love reading. Turn TV into something positive: television is not always an enemy; we can become an ally since it will allow us to observe what are the interests of our children. But we must not forget to choose the programs and see them with them, put a time limit and encourage dialogue about what is being seen (values, fears, the role of publicity, connection with experiences, connection with history …).

#6. Better to take advantage of the day than the night. In summer, children also need to sleep between 10 and 12 hours. Although for climatologist reasons it is logical that they go to bed later, they should not do it to the point of altering their habits. We must not allow ourselves to lose our sleeping mornings since sunlight is very important for our well-being. Except for some exceptions, we must keep approximately the same meal times and winter breaks, so that the pace is not too much altered.

#7. A stop on the road. People need to rest at noon, but the habit of napping is usually lost in school-age children. It would, therefore, be necessary to allocate after a meal a period of time of rest, in which, even if they do not sleep, they can regain strength. They could take advantage to carry out activities that do not involve a physical effort, such as reading, watching a good TV show altogether, looking at photos, doing crafts or hobbies, listening to music, playing parchís, chess, etc.

#8. Get involved in domestic tasks. Children must gradually assume various responsibilities. You have to make them see that their collaboration is necessary. Getting involved in household chores is necessary for your personal development and self-esteem; The quieter pace of the summer holidays makes it an ideal time for them to learn to help.

#9. Enjoy with family, encourage dialogue, communicate, make known our reasons, express our needs and desires, know how to ask for forgiveness, transmit values. Dialogue is learned and, with it, we will facilitate communication and understanding about themselves. We must get a more relaxed family atmosphere during vacations, without work and school is the center of attention and in which we are not caught up in the rush. We can make plans together: go by bicycle, go camping, shopping, swimming, ice cream, the library, the park or watching a game. You have to enjoy your company now because as they grow they will spend less time with us.

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#10. Enjoy friends. It is very important for them to be in contact with other children, preferably in a natural environment. Therefore, while we are working, we will try to choose for the activities in which they can relate to their peers; and when we think about the family summer destination, we will try to combine relationships with family and friends.

#11. A small getaway. It can be an option that the couple reserves a few days to enjoy without children, such as, for example, taking a short trip taking advantage of the fact that the children are in the care of a family member or are in a camp. It is a choice that does not have to involve any feeling of guilt or abandonment of the children. Older and younger we need a well-deserved vacation.

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