Cosmetologists on the rules of summer sunburn: top 5 tips

summer sunburn
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Cosmetologists on the rules of summer sunburn: top 5 tips All about the beautiful and safe sunbath know the Grodno cosmetologists.

Anticipating our conversation, which is relevant for the summertime on the topic of sun baths, the cosmetologist of the regional skin and venereal dispensary Elena Gabysheva voices the general opinion of colleagues.

Tanner lovers are aging skin more actively, wrinkles and pigmentation appear. These are the main complaints of cosmeticians to ultraviolet. On the other hand, the sun’s rays help the body produce vitamin D, activate metabolic processes, promote a good mood and give the skin a beautiful shade. Therefore, you should not completely stop tanning, you just need to “communicate” with the sun correctly.

Summer sunburn: The rule of “short shadow”summer sunburn

Since childhood, learn the rule: once the shadow becomes shorter than growth, you need to hide from the sun. It is also relevant to cosmetology. It is not recommended to sunbathe from noon to 3 pm. Read more: Top 5 Countries for Traveling Alone

People with fair skin should start the path to a bronze shade with 5-10 minutes of exposure to the sun, with a swarthy – from 20-25 minutes. Then each time you can increase the duration of sunbathing by 20 percent from the previous time. The lighter the skin, the higher the sunscreen factor – at least 30-50 units. “Strong” cream is also recommended for use in the resort countries and in the highlands. Apply 20 minutes before exposure to the sun, and then every two hours and after bathing. Read more: Best hotels for honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

Owners of pale skin, blue eyes, light and red hair, as well as freckles or a lot of birthmarks on the body, cosmetologists are advised to completely abandon the idea of becoming “chocolate” because of the reduced ability of the skin to produce melanin and a high risk of burns and melanoma. Should you develop a particularly bad burn, look for products containing aloe vera or cucumber to help calm and heal your skin. There are also marijuana products like CBD oil that you might want to consider if your burn is painful, as CBD can reduce soreness and moisturise dry areas.

What’s in the cosmetic bag?summer sunburn

By the way, the network has sites that, given the terrain, weather conditions and skin type, recommend a cream with what level of protection should be used and what time to spend in the sun today.

Menu for the resort

To quickly tan, lean on fatty fish, for example, on cod or tuna. They contain elements that accelerate the production of melanin. Red and orange vegetables and fruits in the menu, in particular, carrots, apricots, peaches, melons will provide an even tan. Tomatoes, spinach, and broccoli prevent skin cancers, – says the beautician.

For the daily norm of vitamin D, it is enough to spend on the street in light clothes with a short sleeve about 10-11 minutes at noon on a cloudless day. The period when B-rays can ensure the formation of vitamin D in the skin of the inhabitants of our region lasts from mid-April to mid-August.

About the solariumsummer sunburn

In solariums, the rays of group A are used, which, through deep penetration, destroy the collagen and elastin fibers of the dermis. The skin ages, there are pigmented spots. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend avoiding procedures under the “artificial sun”.

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