What to take on a trip: the check list to not forget anything

take on a trip
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Take on a trip-Few nicer things to travel or make a break, especially if we do it for rest and good company. But each trip has a small share of stress that has to do with the preparations: there are some essentials that we can not forget when we prepare our luggage to avoid setbacks and unnecessary expenses. If you want to put together the list of what to take on a trip , do not miss this tour for some essentials.

The first key is to make a check list: arm a few days in advance the list with the personal items that you use every day and that you can not forget, from footwear to medicines. It seems silly but it is the best way to not forget anything.

What to take on a trip: the list

What to take on a trip

  • Luggage, suitcase, handbag.
  • Camera of photos
  • First aid and / or medication.
  • Appropriate clothing.
  • Chargers for cell phones and cameras.
  • Guides, maps and / or GPS or data on the cell phone to use Google Maps or Waze.
  • Documentation: Documented travel is mandatory. If you do not have your passport or DNI in order, you will not be able to start your trip. Make sure before leaving the house that you bring the documentation and, if you travel with children, the required authorizations or marriage book.
  • Credit card: even if you paid everything, in the hotels they will request a credit card as a guarantee, and the same goes for the rental car. Also, you do not know when an unforeseen event may happen and you need money. The ideal is to travel with a credit card (or more) with a broad limit so you do not have to worry about anything.
  • A book and a notebook of annotations are great allies of any trip.

What bag to use for each trip

best take on a trip

Today there are many types of suitcases and it is ideal to choose which one to buy depending on the use and needs. Some look very nice but last less and others, for their quality, guarantee you to accompany you on your trips for years. By investing in a travelpro suitcase, for example, the 4 wheeled suitcase with an extendable handle ensures easy carrying throughout your trip. Additionally, the softcover material makes these type of suitcases, and many similar, easy to store when it is out of use. Take into account the material with which they are built: the rigid ones, for example, break more. Do not forget that at airports they move with little or no care and that the more manipulable your bag, the less frustrations you will have.

Within the more “normal” and economic options, they can be rigid, semi-rigid or cloth, and the range of prices is wide. The most important thing, however, is to take into account the functionality: that it has wheels and an extendable handle (so they are comfortable to move), that they have compartments and a good closing that can tolerate a loaded bag without opening or breaking .

Regarding the size, remember that today the airlines in general do not accept too many kilos, with which a super large suitcase may not end up serving for a plane trip. If you make short trips, the small suitcases with wheels are ideal. They have more capacity than they seem and are very practical and easy to carry. Also, on the plane they can go up and save you the luggage waiting.

Accessories for suitcases

top take on a trip

The suitcases are only the beginning when we have to define what to take on a trip. In general, the ideal is to add some practical accessories that will allow you to travel more relaxed and with greater security. Some of them:

An accessory that is very fashionable to looker your suitcase are the cases. In general they are made of expandable Lycra fabric that adapt to different sizes. Not only serve as protection and security, but thanks to the variety of reasons allow us to identify our luggage quickly. Also, it becomes harder for someone to open it.

  • Balance: used to weigh the suitcases at any time and place, something that helps us to avoid paying for excess baggage. Today there are super cheap, small and practical accessories to weigh any element and avoid problems.
  • Locks: if the suitcase does not have an encrypted lock, it is important to put a padlock. The padlock helps not only to protect it but it is a good proof that it was violated if it appears broken.
  • To take care of the suitcase, the protective film is also being used a lot , which is similar to what you can put on the airports. Rolls are sold that allow you to place them at home in a few minutes and it is cheaper. They are called film for luggage and are very accessible.
  • If the security of your bag reveals and you have some budget, a good option is to think of smart bags , which can be controlled through applications that you download on your phone. Remotely, they can open and close it and detect if someone opened it, know where it is and even receive notifications during the trip.
  • Baggage tracker: are small devices that are placed inside the baggage and with a cell phone or tablet application you can know where our bag is.
  • Safety strap: it is an original and practical option for your bags and bags. It is reinforced and adjustable and usually has a buckle with identification key system.
  • Baggage Identifier: it is good to place a tag or identification card in the bag, as it can help to find our belongings in case they get lost.

Travel accessories

the take on a trip

  • Port documents: they are excellent to put passages, passports, documents, assistance to the traveler, etc. The more compartments they have, the more ordered we can take the different documents and prevent them from falling or losing when we use each one.
  • Passport cover: there are several models to protect documents. They help to avoid losing them and also to prevent risks if it rains or overturns something.
  • Portables: with different sizes and colors they are very good to carry our money under the clothes and thus avoid losing it or suffering a theft. Many also carry their passports there.
  • Masks: they are great to have a good sleep without the light bothering.
  • Ear plugs: they serve to have a more pleasant rest and with fewer interruptions.
  • Travel pillow: they are placed around the neck. There are inflatable or already armed and are great allies against contractual.
  • Universal plug adapter: in each country there are different types of plugs and receptacles, so it is good to carry one that includes all the plugs to be able to use it everywhere. Ideally, they serve both 110 and 220 v.
  • Waterproof bags: they are super useful because they protect our belongings inside the luggage. They are ideal to protect electronic equipment. They have a hermetic seal and can be made of plastic or waterproof fabric.
  • Clothing organizers: are sets of bags and bags for laundry and shoes that are generally waterproof and washable.
  • Necessary: is a must for women. They have compartments for makeup, cream and toothbrush and toothpaste kit.
  • Backpack or backpack: a handbag is always essential. It is ideal for walking and carrying everything you need, including your phone or camera.
  • Fanny pack: is a super useful accessory to carry documents and money without having to carry our shoulders.
  • Bags with vacuum closure for clothes: they are an excellent alternative to gain place in the suitcase. Study your fine print when buying them: some need to use a vacuum cleaner, something that we would not take on the trip.

What to put in the bag

Less is more: vacations are not the occasion to carry everything, including clothes that we have not used for a long time. Opt for abominable and versatile garments, The objective is functionality and practicality.

To avoid too monotonous looks, incorporate colors in accessories. Try the clothes, especially those that do not fully convince you, before putting them in the suitcase.

I chose the garments according to the amount of time and activities you plan to do.

Useful tips for travelers

  • Never bring documents and money in one place. If your bag or purse is stolen or lost, you are left with nothing. It is better to separate them.
  • Scan or take photocopies of all passports, passages, traveler assistance papers and other documents and save them in your mail or in the cloud. It only takes a few minutes and if you lose the documents it will be a great help.
  • Never lose sight of your belongings at an airport.
  • It is good to carry a little notebook with all the flight information, telephone numbers and hotel addresses, telephone number of the assistance to the traveler.
  • Arrive in time to the airport to avoid any setbacks.
  • Wear sun glasses, sunscreen and hat if you go to hot places.
  • If you leave the country find out if the place you go to requires or recommends a vaccine in places of traveler’s medicine.

What things cannot go in the hand luggage of the plane

a take on a trip

For security reasons, there have been elements that can not be carried on the plane for some time, while others can be in the hold but not in the cabin. It is a very common question that we all ask ourselves when we are assembling the suitcases. That is why it is important to pay attention to the following list:

Prohibited elements

  • Bleach
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous liquids (acids, etc).

Prohibited items in hand luggage

  • Containers with liquids (perfumes, liquors, bottles of all kinds) with a capacity greater than 100 ml. It is important to know that even if it is in the middle, if it exceeds that capacity they will not let you take it.
  • Infectious substances
  • Sharp and sharp elements.
  • Gel and sprays
  • Flammable gases
  • Matches (also known as matches).
  • Compressed gas
  • scales for suitcases

Allowed exceptions

  • Liquid containers: food for children, dietetic foods or medicines, always in reasonable quantities to use during the flight. In many airports the liquid they contain with special technology will be checked.
  • Shopping in the Duty Free: In the case of having gone through the Free shop of the airport and bought, you can take liquors, bottles and other things in the cabin. But attention, you have to have proof of payment.

Finally, forgetting something can ruin or complicate a good plan. A list to check that your luggage has everything you need when you leave home for take on a trip.

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