Tasmania Beaches – The Top 5 of the most beautiful on the island

Tasmania Beaches
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We have listen several times of Tasmania, the beautiful Australian island, as well as one of the 7 states of Australia, which despite its small size has a lot to offer. Here you will find unspoiled nature, some of Australia’s most important historical sites, such as the old ruins of the Port Arthur prison, delicious local produce and enchanting boundless landscapes. On the Tasmania beaches issue we have a lot to say because we are sure that the beautiful Tasmania beaches will surprise you just like the rest of the island!

In the Tasmania itinerary that we have recently published you will find advice and information on the attractions along the 4 sides of the island! And there is no lack of beautiful beaches, on the contrary, they are also uncrowded, also due to the mild temperatures of the water, but with a scenario like the ones we are about to show you, you can always take a bath!

Tasmania beaches, which are the most beautiful and unmissable? Let’s find out now!

Bay of Fires

Tasmania Beaches

The Bay of Fires is located on the northeastern coast of Tasmania and in this area it is impossible not to find beaches with white sand and crystal blue water.

The coastal landscape has small secluded beaches, forests that embrace the shore and boulders of orange color that many today associate with the name ‘fuochi’. In fact the coast was named Bay of Fires by Captain Tobias Furneaux in 1773, after it sighted numerous fires set by the aborigines as it set sail in this area.

One of the favorite activities in this area is the “Bird-watching”, in fact thanks to the conservation area of Bay of Fires it is possible to observe many varieties of birds that are protected and admired by the lovers here.

Binalong Bay

Tasmania Beaches

Binalong Bay beach is located at the southern end of the Bay of Fires.

In the area between Binalong Bay and Baia dei Fuochi you can practice all kinds of outdoor activities, from walks along the coast to the most beautiful water activities. Many marine species, including whales, seals and dolphins can be seen here thanks to organized tours. This is the perfect place for a complete vacation. By force of circumstances on the list Tasmania beaches, in search of the most beautiful.


Tasmania Beaches

Bicheno is located on the long eastern coast of Tasmania, where there is also a small island called Governor.

Today a marine reserve, here are some of the best diving spots in Australia, with long populated cliffs and a thriving marine life. For those who do not want to venture out with the diving, it is possible to make excursions with boats from the glass platform.

Also on the mainland there are many activities, such as the tours that allow you to see up close the smallest penguins in the world, or beautiful walks to the Diamond Island Reserve, just north of the island of Governor. For gourmets, in this fishing town you will find plenty of fresh fish including shrimp, abalone and the delicious Australian salmon.

Wineglass Bay

Tasmania Beaches

Wineglass Bay is one of the most beautiful and most photographed places in Tasmania and it’s not hard to see why.

The beach in the shape of a chalice is part of the Freycinet National Park, which in its interior, in addition to the wildlife, contains 2 of the most beautiful beaches in all of Australia. The sand is composed of white and pink quartz and the water is a deep blue.

Obviously the desire to dive will be a great deal, but remember that the temperatures of the ocean can be cold even in the height of summer, so if you suffer particularly cold, a wetsuit might be useful. Even this could not fail to be included in our list Tasmania beaches, in search of the most beautiful.

Hazard Beach

Tasmania Beaches

Staying inside the Freycinet National Park, about half an hour’s walk from Wineglass Bay leads to another wonderfully surreal beach, with golden sand and water so blue and crystalline that you won’t be able to resist the temptation to take a bath and stay in the water until the sun sets!

Although the park is very popular with tourists, it is very likely to find this deserted beach, there are very few who arrive here and many are just passing through because they follow this path to reach one of the campsites located after the beach. That’s right, because inside the park you can camp for a few days.

Here is an overview of the paths within the Park, find more information on staying on their official website.

Will you visit Australia?

These are just some of the most beautiful Tasmania beaches! Who knows what other wonders you will find for us!

You could think of spending 10-15 days in this little paradise, discovering Australia’s most beautiful island. The Tasmania itinerary will surely be useful to you, with which you can discover all the places we have visited and know what you should not miss if you choose to visit this country!

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