The 5 best trips that can be made from London for 1 day

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“In the darkest and dirty corners of London, there is not so much sin as in these delightful and gay suburbs,” wrote Conan Doyle, hinting that the weekend should be spent away from the British capital. We will use his advice and decide where to go for a short while to rest.

London: Brightonlondon

If you have never been to Brighton, leave immediately: just 54 minutes by train – and you’re at sea, in the middle of a pebble beach and surrounded by gulls that will try to take away your donuts. Take a stroll along the pier, ride on the roundabouts (let’s go, it’s time for you to taste the joys of life), take the fish-end chips and go to the nearest tavern where decent musicians play. You will have time to hipster in the morning when you inevitably wander into the store of records, vegan cafe or bar with craft beer.  Read more: The 9 most romantic places of Paris, for those who love the city very much


Sadly, of course, that we did not study at Cambridge, but something can still be corrected if you go there for at least a day.

In the university museum of Fitzwilliam, stay in the halls of Ancient Egypt and Greece, and then quickly move on to the works of Titian, Van Dyck, Cezanne, Renoir, and Degas. It remains to go down to the river, see the chapel of King’s College and try the Chelsea buns, the best of which is baked at the local Fitzbillies restaurant. Read more: The best places in Kiev for rest with children

The New Forestlondon

This Hampshire National Reserve goes to see the New Forest Ponies, known for their noble views, pleasant character, courage, and intelligence. Since all these qualities are not inherent in all of our friends, most of the guests of the park spend the whole day here, distracting themselves from ponies only with pigs, occupied with acorns. In the evening, you can dine in Freytame, a charming village not far from the reserve.

Mersea Islandlondon

If the word “cozy” could still be used in tourist texts without shame, then this is the way to characterize this island, hiding in the mouth of the river Mersea. Come here is to relax from a big city in quiet cottages pastel-mint tones and with a tiled roof obligatory for a “cozy house”. On the easternmost island of Great Britain go not only for rest but also for the freshest seafood: crabs, oysters, and shrimps.


If you worked as a latex director of a romantic film, you would have thoughtlessly chosen Whitstable – a cinematographically beautiful seaside town. A little over an hour on the train – and you are in the secret world of fishing boats, beautiful sunsets and inexpensive oysters (cheaper than in London, at least twice). In Whitstable all the fish restaurants are good, so take lobster on the grill with French fries and ketchup, like the British love. If you have time, look into the castle here. Around it is a wonderful garden – like the one in which Carroll Alice wandered, where you can drink a classic “fives-of-the-clay tee” with traditional English slaves.

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