The 5 best thematic hotels in the world

thematic hotels
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I recently wrote a post on the blog about them and the 5 most romantic hotels in the world that we can find in the world, and today I’m going to write about the best thematic hotels. As its name indicates, the thematic hotels offer the visitor a special atmosphere, amenities, decoration, services, and activities, according to a specific theme, such as art, music, sport, design or nature among others.

Here I leave a list of the 5 best thematic hotels that we can visit if we are tourists who like to get out of the conventional and try new experiences to what accommodation is concerned.

thematic hotels in the world

I start at the City Lodge, is in Berlin and its creator was LarOstrichen. This thematic hotel is unique for its originality, an authentic work of art, where you can sleep surrounded by mirrors, in a bed that seems to levitate, you have to choose between 40 rooms, each one different from the others, a mine, a quilted room, the room of the grandmother or hanging from the ceiling, a prison or a room of the most minimalist … Each room of a different theme, with prices ranging from 80 dollars and worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. The hard part has to be deciding on one of your rooms! Read more: The 5 most romantic hotels in the world

best thematic hotels

I continue with thTenntPogoio ACasione Wine Resort, you can find it in Tuscany (Italy), its main theme is wine, and in its thematic hotel activities are performed as peculiar as participating in the harvest of grapes with wine producers, an event that, as is logical, takes place in the months of September and October. Read more: The 10 best hotels in Las Vegas

ThPDAsrk thematic hotel is located in Australia and is striking because the whole hotel is a set of huge pipes decorated only with a lamp and a bed… Camping type, toilets, and showers, as well as the cafeteria, are located in a Common area, In addition, do not have a fixed price, following the philosophy of “pay what you want”.

best thematic hotels

The Arte Pop thematic Hotel is strategically located in the heart of New York City, close to places like Fifth Avenue, Madison Square, and countless nightclubs. The particularity of this hotel is that it is all dedicated to pop art, so you can find works by Andy Warhol, Billy Name, and the Japanese artist Michael Lin, among others. The motto of the hotel is to keep the art alive, so it cares to present interesting artists every year. It also offers special events such as jazz, rock, poetry nights and everything that can be considered an artistic expression. If you are lovers of art and art pop, here you will be in your salsa.

the thematic hotels

And finally there are the Capsule thematic  Hotels, some accommodations designed to make the most of space, especially in cities where the density of hotel occupancy is very high, such as Tokyo, Osaka, Amsterdam … you will surely have seen photos of these small rooms that are not they measure more than 2.10 meters long, and have a height and width of about 1 meter, each equipped with its own light, its alarm clock and a television. Yes, if you decide on a capsule hotel to inform you that they do not have a locking system … only a curtain that prevents the client from seeing you and seeing others.

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