The 5 best cities in Europe to go travel by bicycle

travel by bicycle
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We love cities to travel by bicycle. It is one of the best ways to visit a city. Which in addition to being very pleasant is very sustainable.

In theory any city can be traveled by bicycle. Most locations that you travel to will offer you a bicycle rental service, city or not, such as visiting to view bike rentals in South Carolina. Have you ever been on a bike ride there? No? Well, try it out! Viewing a travel destination by bike is a lovely way to be a tourist, get your exercise in and feel like you’re in control of your experience! But there are some whose infrastructures have been devised to support this form of transport, not just offer a rental service here and there.

The bike-friendly cities are those in which protected lanes for bicycles have been built. Which are not shared by cars, buses or pedestrians. They have streets designed to limit the number and speed of cars. Which makes public spaces safe and welcoming for everyone.

Rent a bicycle in the city you visit, is the cheapest way and the one that allows you to know a greater number of sites in 24 hours.

Although there are many cities to travel by bicycle. I have chosen five of those that most support this form of transport. And that make you enjoy much more of your visit.

Best cities to travel by bicycle


best travel by bicycle

The Danish capital is the best example of a bicycle-friendly city. In fact, in Copenhagen you can see more bikes than cars. And there are also more bikes than citizens.

The city has more than 400 km of bike lanes that will allow you to reach forests, beaches and parks in a short time. So it is a perfect city to know by bike.

As a visitor to Copenhagen you can use the public bicycle system, which is called Bycyklen. The bikes can be booked in advance and have tablets with a navigator, and a small electric motor that comes great when you move with the wind in front.

In Copenhagen everything is accessible by bike, you find ramps anywhere and public transport has areas to store them. When it snows, it removes the snow from the bike lanes earlier than from the car lanes. A paradise for cyclists.


top travel by bicycle

It is another of the cities to travel by bicycle and, in addition, it is a world reference in this subject. The whole city is full of bike lanes and in all the bridges that cross the canals you will see bicycles parked.

In Amsterdam you can park the bike wherever you want, while leaving space for pedestrians and cars.

Although in the center and around the canals there are not too many bike lanes, since they are small streets with slow circulation, the bikes have priority.

There are a lot of bike rental companies: Takes a Bike , Holland rent a bike , Macbike …

There is even a theme hotel dedicated to bicycles, the Bycicle Hotel .

Amsterdam is one of our proposals for getaways for girls .


discover travel by bicycle

For a long time Strasbourg has been the first cycling city in France. Touring Strasbourg by bicycle is a very pleasant experience. With 500 km, Strasbourg has the largest bike lane in France.

There is a public bicycle rental service called Velhop that works very well.

You can make a circuit through the European district where the European Parliament is located, enjoy the Orangerie Park and go downtown to the canals area.

From Strasbourg you can make many excursions, both to know the Alsacian tale towns and to enjoy the nature of the Black Forest.

A nearby city and highly recommended is the spa town of Baden-Baden , an ideal city to spend a relaxing day.


a travel by bicycle

Bordeaux is a city that has undergone a major renovation in recent years. It has three tram lines, large green areas and as it is a city with hardly any level, it is very easy to cycle.

There are several rental companies and you can also use the public bikes of the city if you have a card with a built-in chip.

You can start your visit next to the Garona, on both banks of the river there are bike lanes.

Do not forget to enjoy your Mirror of Water , and then enter into the historic city center. And after the bike ride one of the best places to relax is the Public Garden, in the neighborhood of Chartrons. Here a rest is imposed on the lawn like any Bordelés pro.


the travel by bicycle

The bicycle has been incorporated with great success in the life of the Sevillians. And in Spain it is the best city to travel by bicycle.

It has a 180 km bike path that extends throughout the Andalusian city. In addition, it is a city without slopes and with very affordable distances. That coupled with sunny weather, invites you to tour the city on two wheels.

It has a public bicycle service called SEVici and several bike rental companies that also provide audio guides and maps with different planned routes, so you can choose the one that best suits what you want to see.

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