How to travel by bus from Venezuela to Chile

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Travel by bus-We have worked for more than a year creating a community of travelers on a tremendous bus. Not only have we learned how to survive on the busiest route of their lives. But we have also shared with thousands of people who want and risk Travel by bus to Chile. Emigrating Santiago by land ended up being the most popular of all searches. Basically it is because the capital of Chile has everything that a Venezuelan young person. Or a full-fledged family needs to emigrate. It is a country with a solid economy that welcomes migrants with open arms and a process of relatively simple legalization. Venezuela is still in crisis in 2016 so we continue to be your preferred research portal so you can learn to travel by bus to Chile for less than $ 300.

Chile and Ecuador are the destinations most requested by our users. Basically because of the idea of ​​emigrating. Until recently, the only access to Chile was traveling through Brazil. Because the border between Colombia and Venezuela was closed. Now that they have opened the way, the options are more varied. Traveling through Colombia may be more comfortable than traveling through Brazil. However, we have seen how people continue to travel through. Because it became the most widespread version of the trip thanks to these adventurers who crossed Brazil to get to Chile with less than $ 200.

There are many bus lines that have taken into account the long roads of different countries in the south. One of them is Rutas de America, this bus line arrives on its way to Guayaquil, a city near the border between Ecuador and Peru.

Travel to Chile through Colombia

travel by bus from Venezuela to Chile

The border opened again and the Venezuelans are going to Cucuta like crazy to buy food. And basic necessities, in addition the international routes were reactivated making a transfer in the line that divides to both countries. After fulfilling the requirements of law, we ride a new bus that will take us to our destination.

Important: The Emigration Department opens at five in the morning. There you will have to cancel a tariff. This is the only area that will allow you to pay in bolivars. So we recommend that you change all the bolivars that you can in Colombian pesos so that you have a currency that is useful to you while traveling to the next territory. Making the change from Bolivares to pesos will not represent any problem. Since before entering Colombia there are ticket offices that are in charge of making these changes. On the border with Colombia, and in its vicinity, no one is allowed to pay with debit or credit cards. So all the bolivars you carry must be physical as well as the pesos that will be given to you in the exchange.

The sister country will authorize a form specifying that your stay in the country will be only ninety days. If you spend more time you will be considered illegal in the territory. But this should not matter to you, you are passing through. And to reach the other territory and continue your trip you will only need one day. But you will not be sitting all day. In general, stops in Colombia will be made in beautiful Medellin, Bogota and Cali.

After crossing all of Colombia you will find yourself on the border with Ecuador, the passport will be stamped again. The currency in this country is polarized. So you do not have to exchange your dollars for the national currency. We make a stop in Guayaquil in which we will surely have to pay for a room. Or a hotel to spend the night or nights that are necessary to continue our journey.

Travel by bus from Guayaquil to Lima

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Travel-with-Cross-from-the-South-from-Guayaquil-to-SantiagoIn Ecuadorian land we have to look for the best. And according to the references, to continue the trip is the company  Cruz del Sur, a Peruvian company known for its responsibility. And comfort when traveling on the continent. The trip goes for about $ 100 US dollars with this company. In the land terminal of Guayaquil they can haggle and find a better price. The trip lasts one day with several stops including the stop on the border between Ecuador and Peru. The entire trip includes blankets, comfortable seats, unlimited water, coffee, snacks and more.

Travel by bus from Lima to Santiago

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We can continue with Cruz del Sur from Lima to Santiago quietly with prices from $ 155. Again, other companies may offer a lower price. But it depends on your search capacity. That trip if it’s longer, you can spend more than two days on the road but with the comforts that the company offers.


In this account, we have an estimated budget of about $ 400 per person, not including food and lodging expenses if applicable. As you can see, the exit through Brazil is still cheaper, but that of Colombia is more comfortable. We leave it to your criteria.

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