Travel by plane with babies (under 2 years old) and small children

travel by plane
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Are you going to travel by plane with babies or small children? Do not despair. In this post, we share our tips for traveling by plane with babies and small children. Everything we tell you is based on our experience and other tips that some readers gave us before leaving for our first long trip with children. After that trip, many more came, who added experience in traveling with children, to share with you.

Travel by plane meet your baby

best tips travel by plane

It seems obvious, but it is not so obvious. Your baby will remain the same on top of the plane, therefore, will maintain the same tastes and the same attitudes (and it is almost certain that, if there are no long scales or some strange behavior, keep the same schedule). Therefore, keep in mind what you like, what you eat, what distracts you, how much you sleep, and so on. All this will help you a lot to make the trip more bearable and to plan it better (as far as possible, of course). Read more: Where to go from Barcelona by car: 5 ideas for traveling for one day

Choice of the flight

travel by plane with babies

Related to the above, if your baby usually gets a good night’s sleep it is advisable that you try to take a night flight. Obviously, this will be subject to the availability of flights between the destinations you want to join, but for us, it was a great solution Boethius first flight of more than 20 hours. If you can’t find a commercial flight that would fit in your baby’s schedule then it might be worth researching private jet companies like because they can arrange for the flight to take off at a time that suits you.

Choice of seat

Many told us to try to ask for the front seats, where there is more space, but it is not always the best option. Why? Because in many airplanes arm supports those seats do not get up. If your baby is less than 7-8 months old and can sleep in the crib that the airlines give you, you do have to ask for those seats, because they are the ideal ones, since the cradles are placed in the “walls” that are in front of the seating. But if your baby can no longer sleep in the crib, because of the weight, you will have to sleep on top of you or, better still, on the empty seat that you can hold next to yours.

If two adults and a baby travel, the idea is to arrive early at the airport to check in early and book in the three-seat row, both from the ends (it can also be done online, of course, but now on many airlines the online seat reservation is pay). It is assumed that, unless the flight is full, almost nobody will want to be in the middle seat. Also, you have to be in a good mood at that moment because you can ask the person who checks in to block that seat. I do not know how much is true in this, I do not know if all the airlines do it, but it happened to us that the guy who treated us did it. What’s more, he proposed it to us. So it should not be the first time you do it. This was on the first flight. We were very comfortable because Tahiti was able to sit in the middle seat and was able to sleep without problems. In addition, as there was room in the flight, at night Dino moved to another seat and the king of the family lay down in the two empty seats.

Entertainment or How do I keep it quiet?

Quiet, still, I do not think it stays throughout the flight, because children are children and many moves, but we can manage to entertain them a lot. Of course, it takes an extra dose of patience because it will be necessary to entertain him all the time. As we said, every baby has its likes and its manias. Therefore, it is important to know them to know how to spend the hours during the flight. A good idea is to bring your favorite drawings, series or movies recorded on a tablet, a netbook or a phone. I say “recorded” because they remember that there is no internet access. But, as one reader told us in another comment, do not put the videos as soon as you get on the plane. We all know that most of the guys (and the big ones) are stunned to see the screen,

What does the baby eat?

travel by plane with babies

It is advisable to take more milk than we assume it will take during the flight. In our case, we took a kilo of milk powder, which is what Tahoe was taking, since we had two days to get to Madrid. In case you do not drink milk powder, you should take individual packages since the one liter of milk will not have where to refrigerate it. If you already eat solid foods, there is a possibility to give the canned baby food that you offer on the plane (according to some airlines it is advisable to book before, but in others not because they always have some baby food) or take the food we know they like it If it is wrapped in vacuum, much better, because it lasts longer.

Patience. Relax

One of the main attitudes that you have to have is patience and the ability to relax. Do not think about what they are going to say, let them say what they want. You are with a baby and have the same right to travel. We know that sometimes they get upset, but we can not do more than try to calm them down. Yes, try to calm them down, but being calm. If we get nervous about “the one who will say”, the babies perceive it and will not calm down. Also, it’s a good idea to say hello with a smile to the seat neighbors. You never know if we are going to need help. Keep reading

What documents does a baby need to travel by plane?

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The passport to the day. In Argentina, until a few months ago, if the baby was traveling with both parents, it was necessary to bring the original birth certificate or the marriage book to present in migrations. Now, it is enough to show the new ID of the baby that has the names of the parents. Equally, we recommend you take the birth certificate. To us, on the last flight we did, they asked us to do the same. In case the baby travels with only one of the parents, it is necessary to present the authorization of the other to take the child out of the country.

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