Travel Guide: What to See in Egypt?

See in Egypt
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Egypt, an ancient land, with an invaluable artistic and cultural heritage, is an important tourist destination. Visitors from every corner of the world, in fact, come here driven by different motivations, first of all the desire to admire the testimonies of the ancient Egyptian civilization, one of the most important civilizations in the history of mankind. But that is not all!

Egypt owes much of its tourism to its varied and marvelous natural landscapes: desert landscapes, rocky mountains, colored canyons, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The most popular tourist destinations to see in Egypt are undoubtedly the capital, Cairo, a megalopolis with a metropolitan population of 20 million, Luxor and Aswan, located in the south of the country, and some marvelous seaside resorts on the Red Sea.


See in Egypt

Cairo is certainly a complex, chaotic, often contradictory and totally unpredictable city. Sounds, colors and smells come together in its streets teeming with people of various origins. But beyond the bustle that characterizes it, this city contains within it an endless series of wonders to see in Egypt.

The Pyramids of Giza, on the west bank of the Nile, are part of the complex known as “the Necropolis of Giza”, formerly annexed to Menfi, capital of the Old Kingdom. On the other side of the Nile, on the hill of Muqattam is the citadel built by Saladin in the twelfth century, at the time of the Crusades, and remained the center of power for seven hundred years.

Inside is the Mohammed Ali Mosque, also known as the Alabaster Mosque. A 19th century addition by an Ottoman Albanian mercenary who ruled for 43 years. From the citadel it is possible to have a wide view of the city of Cairo and, if the weather conditions allow it, in the distance it is possible to see the Pyramids of Giza.

In the Islamic district of Cairo, there is Khan el Khalili, one of the largest, most prestigious and oldest bazaars in the Middle East. Other points of touristic interest in the city of Cairo are the Egyptian Museum, which contains more than 100,000 exhibits from each period of ancient Egypt’s history, and the Coptic district of Cairo. Prestigious and ancient bazaars of the Middle East.


See in Egypt

Luxor is a fascinating city with a thousand-year history, in which ancient civilizations have followed one another leaving their traces imprinted on them. If you are thinking what to see in Egypt, then just walking through its streets, one gets the impression of being in an open-air museum: impressive buildings of ancient times, colonnades, statues of considerable size scattered here and there give the tourist the perception of the importance that the city has in history. Indeed, Luxor was the long capital of Ancient Egypt with the name of Thebes.

Luxor is crossed by the Nile which divides it in two.

On the eastern shore, in the heart of the modern city, is the beautiful Temple of Luxor, the temple was originally dedicated to the Theban triad Amo n, Mut and Khonsu.

Also on the east bank stands the extraordinary complex of Karnak, an enormous temple complex that, like the previous one, tells the story of the succession of different dynasties in the city, clearly visible in the numerous additions to the original nucleus.

On the west bank the legendary “Valley of the Kings” extends, for five hundred years the burial place of the Egyptian pharaohs. The most famous tombs of the site are Ramses III, Ramses VI, Seti I, Tuthmose I, Tuthmose III and Tutankhamon.

Another site of great beauty on the west bank is the temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the second woman to hold the title of pharaoh. It was dug entirely into the rock during the New Kingdom.


See in Egypt

Aswan, the pearl of the Nile, is a very quiet town, one of the few in Egypt where you can truly breathe the air of Africa, with its colorful houses, the sun-blessed inhabitants of the sun, the rich local fauna, and the desert climate.

During their travels in Egypt, tourists pass through Aswan to visit some important tourist sites of the city. Many of them make a stop at the Diga Alta, a monumental work of considerable size, inaugurated in 1971, after years of work.

The Temples of File are part of the monuments that have suffered this fate. The temple of Isis, the main one, which occupies most of the surface of the island, is from the Ptolemaic era and was the main center of the Islamic cult.

A few kilometers from Aswan, in a granite quarry, is then preserved the so-called “Unfinished Obelisk” “, an obelisk that is thought to date back to the time of Pharaoh Tuthmosis III, whose extraction was never completed.

The Nubian Museum of Aswan is very interesting, where pieces of history and examples of Nubian art are collected and where various moments of daily life of this ancient people have been reconstructed.


See in Egypt

Sharm is an elegant town located in the extreme south of the Sinai Peninsula, home to the most luxurious hotels and clubs, resorts and villages in Egypt. Suitable for families as well as for groups of young people looking for fun, Sharm is the perfect destination if you want to spend a holiday of sun and sea.


See in Egypt

Hurghada Originally a small and humble fishing village, Hurghada has now become one of the main tourist destinations on the Red Sea. Like Sharm, it is a very lively town: more than 100 hotels, discotheques, restaurants and different venues are located on its shoreline and adapt to all needs and tastes. Hurghada is an excellent destination for diving and snorkelling thanks to its incredible coral reef, and for sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.


See in Egypt

Marsa Alam Unlike the two coastal towns described above, Marsa Alam is still today a largely unspoiled place to see in Egypt and where tourism has taken root only recently. This is not a place for nightlife lovers, but is recommended for those who prefer holidays in silent places in contact with nature. Next to luxury resorts, built on the shore for tourism purposes, there are isolated beaches where divers from all over the world flock attracted by the exotic species of marine animals, including turtles, dolphins and dugongs, living in this stretch of sea.

Defined by its inhabitants “Umm el – Donya”, an Arabic expression that means “the mother of the world”, “Egypt continues to surprise visitors with its beauty over the years and only rarely does it happen that you visit this country only one time, because as we say in Egypt “who drinks the water of the Nile is destined to return”.

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