The best travel places in 2018

travel places
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Best travel places- There is an obligatory visit to ancient ruined cities. Oaxaca is full of archaeological sites: The ruins of the ancient city of Monte Alban, the ancient city of Mitla, the Aetzepa Archaeological Zone, the Ruins of the Apostle Jacob Monastery and others.

Travel places: Sydney (Australia)travel places

Port Jackson, Sydney Opera House, Bridge Harbor Bridge and many other unforgettable attractions await tourists. Read more: 5 BEST IDEAS FOR A ROMANTIC DATE

Interesting fact: in Sydney in our usual autumn and winter time, summer, but in the summer there is the usual autumn. So it is worth planning your vacation avoiding June, July, and August.

Travel places: Tbilisitravel places

Tbilisi is a real paradise for excursions. Here tourists are expected by an abundance of architectural styles, the best khinkali in the world and unforgettable hospitality of local residents. Read more: The best places in Kiev for rest with children

Travel places: Jujuy provincetravel places

The valley of Quebrada de Umauaca is why you should go to Jujuy. The valley is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

An interesting fact: the first tribes settled here for 8 thousand years before our era.

Travel places: Harar in Ethiopiatravel places

Here tourists can see 82 exquisite mosques. In addition, amateurs will have a stronger chance to taste the best beer in the country.

Interesting fact: at night in the city you can meet hyenas, as it is at this time they are striving to the city in search of food. By the way, animals are very hospital.

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