8 unique places to visit the traveler!

unique places
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Unique places- We continue to consider those places that are used for travel, but not so popular among tourists. After all, you do not always want to tolerate the presence of many people. Perhaps you want to enjoy solitude, tranquility, and silence.

Apulia, Italy a unique places in the world

a unique places

Do you want to feel vivid emotions? Warm sea, red sand, beautiful sunset, the hospitality of the inhabitants – all this is Apulia! In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can visit castles, museums, and other attractions. Read more: Recommended 5 best places in Thailand for families with children

Zambia and Zimbabwe

the unique places

Someone will say that many people already know Victoria Falls. But it should be noted that there is a nearby park of Hwange, about which you, most likely, have not heard. There are lakes, plants from the Red Book, wild exotic animals, birds of paradise and many elephants. In a word, there is something to see. Read more: 7 Hotels with a fireplace for winter getaways

Busan, South Korea

most unique places

Meanwhile, while most of the tourists rush to Seoul, go to the summer capital of Korea – Busan. There are many beaches of various lengths, an art museum, an open bird sanctuary and a fish market.

Manila, the Philippines

best unique places

Going to this city, you can always eat delicious and cheap. You will see many different monuments of architecture, old churches, magnificent palaces, secluded monasteries and various museums.

Fukuoka, Vietnam

idea unique places

This heavenly place, girded with snow-white beaches and clear sea water, simply amazes the traveler’s imagination with its beauty. Here, the tourist can go diving, kayaking, visit a farm, go to the emerald jungle.

York, Great Britain

the unique places

This unique city is suitable for a quiet pastime in local cafes, pubs, teahouses. Sightseeing, which should certainly see – the Cathedral. Hurry up, you are sure to find here what you should look at.

Kaen, Cambodia

top unique places

Previously, this place was considered a recreation of the French nobility, but after the civil war from the Colonial Riviera remained a ruin. Nevertheless, Kaep continues to be one of the stunning unique places to relax.

Salinas Grandes, Argentina

best unique places

There is a salt desert, a large salt marsh, which turns into a huge mirror during the rain. Although there are transport communications here, nevertheless, Salinas Grandes remains difficult to access and is not in demand among tourists.

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