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Austria is a country of history and tradition, and its capital could not be less. To think of Vienna Italy is to think of palaces, court dances. And of course the Princess Sissy, which the cinema made so famous. But without doubt, another of the things that comes to mind is his music, his great opera. And the great musician Amadeus Mozart. As you can see there is a lot to see in Vienna and you can not miss it.

What to see in Vienna Italy in a day?


Touring Vienna Italy and discovering the main buildings in a day is possible and we will tell you how. We recommend you go to the center of the city, exactly to the Cathedral of San Esteban, to start your journey. Its facade is impressive. And inside you can see graves of important nobles of the country and objects of incalculable values. Do not forget to go to your tower and observe the panoramic view of the city.

Once you have visited this religious building, head down Karntner Street towards the Grand Opera in Vienna Italy. This street is the most commercial of the city, and you will find many shops.

Keep walking and enjoying the atmosphere of this busy street. But do not get lost, because when you finish it. You will find yourself in front of one of the most famous and beautiful buildings in all of Vienna Italy, the great National Opera. It is essential that you make the guided tour inside the monument. You will know its history and also, you can take photos.

With these two visits, it is almost time to eat. And for that, you can not stop trying the Wiener Schnitzel, the typical Viennese dish. It is an enormous escalope, accompanied by potatoes and salad.

And nothing better than completing the meal, with a good Viennese coffee. If you want to go to a cafe with history. And famous for its rich coffee. Do not hesitate to visit the Cafe Central , the oldest coffee shop in the city.

With the batteries recharged, you’ll be ready to continue your afternoon of sightseeing. From the Central Café, head to the Vienna City Hall Square. The building is one of the most beautiful in the city. And obviously, one of the most historic and important.

When you finish marveling at the City Hall, take the Lichtenfelsgasse street, to go to one of the most beautiful. And most cultural areas of Vienna Italy, the Ringstrabe street. While you’re walking, you can not stop looking everywhere. Because here you can find the Museum of Art History, the Parliament of Vienna and the Burgtheater, the imperial theater, among many others.

What to see in Vienna Italy in two days?


If you are traveling for two days in Vienna Italy. We recommend that you find out about the Vienna Pass, a card that includes a transport voucher to move around the city. And, in addition, allows you to access museums and monuments free of charge. Once this is found, start your journey.

Day 1: Great musical colophon

Get up early and go to breakfast at Cafe Central to start your first day with strength. It is a cafe with a great history. Because here the Viennese intellectuals, such as Freud and Trotsky met .

After coffee and some sweet or some piece of pastries you will be prepared to go to the Hofburg Palace and feel part of royalty. The Habsburg dynasty used it as a winter residence. For many years, and inside you can admire all the luxury that surrounded them. You can not miss the imperial rooms and the Sissi Empress museum. When you finish the visit, enjoy nature in Volksgarten Park. Which surrounds the palace itself.

Surely after spending a few hours in the royal rooms, you get hungry, so go to Albertinaplatz , there is the Bitzinger , the best hot dog and sausage stand in the whole city. It is a perfect meal to accompany it with a good beer.

Once you have recovered your strength, you are ready to visit one of the most commercial streets in Vienna, the Kärntner . If you want to do some shopping , there is no better place to do it. This pedestrian street offers all its visitors all kinds of products and souvenirs.

And if you continue walking down the street, at the end of it is the Cathedral of San Esteban , a beautiful religious building. In addition, it is one of the things to see in Vienna for free, because to access the interior of the church you will not have to pay anything.

After this visit, we recommend that you go to your accommodation to rest a little and get handsome. If you want to know what to see in Vienna at night, there is nothing better than enjoying a show at the Vienna National Opera. In the city of Mozart and Beethoven, you can not stop enjoying a good musical show .

Day 2: Become a child

Go back to get up early and enjoy a good breakfast, because today will be the day you travel the most in Vienna Italy. Your route will start in Schonbrunn , to go here you must take the subway.

The Palace of Schonbrunn was the summer residence of the Habsburgs. So imagine the beauty it holds. You can access this palace with three types of tickets. And we recommend buying it beforehand to avoid queues. The Imperial Tour , which includes audio guide and visit to 22 rooms; The Grand Tour  with audio guide and 40 rooms; and The Classic Pass, through which you can see the Grand Tour, the Prince’s Gardens, the labyrinth, the Orangerie and the Glorieta.

The visit to the Palace will take you a few hours and it is best to do it with total peace of mind. After feeling the whole morning as a member of royalty, go back to take the subway and go to Naschmarkt , one of the most typical food markets among locals . Here you will find about 120 food stalls and you can regain strength to continue with your tourist day.

And when you have finished eating and interacting with locals, get ready to spend the afternoon at Prater Park , the city’s best-known amusement park. If you are traveling with children, it is ideal, but if you go alone, believe us it is a must, too. Here you can ride in old attractions that transmit nostalgia, but also in the most modern you can imagine. You can not miss the big ferris wheel , emblem of so many movies, like ” The Third Man “.

What to see in Vienna Italy in three days?


Day 1: Discover the museums

To start off with your first day, have breakfast at the Cafeteria Demel , a cafeteria – pastry shop that was founded in 1786 and was a provider of the Royal Family.

Once you have breakfast, start your adventure at Museums Quarter, the museum district. Here in addition to incredible exhibitions about Austrian art, you will find interior patios with modern furniture, perfect for taking some pictures.

Once you have visited the Museum of Modern Art (Mumok) or the Austrian Impressionism Museum (Leopold), head to La Plaza Maria-Theresien . In this enclave you will find two of the most beautiful buildings in the city, the Museum of Art History and the Natural History Museum.

Then, we recommend you to walk along the Burgring Boulevard. Where you will find some of the places with more tourist interest in Vienna Italy. The Opera and the Town Hall Square await you to marvel at its architecture, we recommend you to take a guided tour of the opera, you will love discovering its history.

Day 2: Enjoy local food

Start your second day in the Austrian capital. Go to Haas & Haas , a coffee shop that has a star product, your tea, you can not go and not ask for one.

Once you have finished touring all the shops, keep going straight and finish in one of the most important buildings of the city, the Vienna State Opera . The visit by its interior is obligatory and do not stop admiring its architecture.

When you leave the opera, you will surely be hungry, so the best thing to do is stop at Bitzingers , the best Viennese sausage stand in the city. Or if you prefer, wait and go to Naschmarkt, the most typical food market among locals, where you will find 120 stalls of all kinds of food.

Day 3: Meet the most important buildings

Start your last day in the capital, and this day we will start with the Viennese Parliament . It is the most important political building in the city, and on its facade you can see the goddess Athena above all.

What to see in Vienna Italy in four days?


A 4-day trip in Vienna will always be a relaxed adventure, and in addition, it will give you time to see, practically, all the tourist attractions with time.

Day 1: A walk on the Danube

Start your first day at Maria-Theresien Square, the most cultural square in all of Vienna. Here you can find the Museum of Natural History of Vienna and the Museum of Art History , one in front of the other.

Nearby you can visit the Sigmund Freud Museum , where you can see the philosopher’s original furniture and his family’s exhibitions.

Once the museum visits are over, it’s time to eat something, so head to Centimeter , a local restaurant that will offer you rich food at a great price. On the way there, it crosses the Weghuberpark, a small enclosure where nature reigns.

When you finish eating, the adventure of the day will come, a walk along the Danube river . You will have to travel to the Wachau Valley , which is considered a World Heritage Site. We assure you that walking the waters of this river, watching the little houses wrapped in vineyards, is an incredible way to end your day.

Day 2: Day of palaces

To start the day you are going to dedicate to royalty, nothing better than having breakfast as a king. And there is no better place for it than the Demel cafeteria . This bakery was the real supplier for a long time, and his specialty could not be other than the Viennese coffee.

Just around the corner, you will find the Hofburg Palace, the royal winter residence. The Austro-Hungarian dynasty lived here for six centuries. And in it you will find the imperial apartments, the museum dedicated to Sissi Empress and the Spanish Riding School.

If you want to see the palace quietly. It will surely take you almost all morning, so when you leave it will be almost time to eat. Nearby, there is Va Piano , a pasta restaurant well known among locals.

And to end the day, what better than watching a musical show? Yes, you guessed right, nothing better than round the day at the Vienna Opera. Buy tickets and enjoy classical music.

Day 3: Two plans for a perfect day

For your third day we are going to ask you to visit two incredible places that will occupy you all morning and all afternoon. Get up early, take the subway and get ready to visit the Schonbrunn Palace. the summer residence of the Habsburgs. Here you can make up to a 4-hour visit in which you will visit the 40 royal rooms, the Jardins del Principe, the labyrinth, the Orangerie and the Glorieta.

Day 4: Visit the city center

And to end your trip, nothing better than enjoying downtown and the old town. Start your route in one of the largest parks in the city, the Stadtpark. In addition to a variety of colorful flowers and plants. You can see statues dedicated to important Viennese characters, such as Strauss or Schubert.

When you have walked through the park, go to the House of Mozart, very close to there. This museum offers original furniture and parts of the works he composed, while he and his family lived here.

Once you have known the Austrian musician up close, you have to discover one of the most famous monuments in the whole city, the Cathedral of San Esteban. This religious building houses tombs of important nobles and objects of great value.

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