5 Best Ideas for Autumn Weekend in Ukraine

Weekend in Ukraine
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To leave Kiev for the weekend, but in such a way as to organize a full-fledged trip? With our advice – easy! We offer to choose one of five directions. Arrange yourself a weekend in Ukraine.

Weekend in Ukraine: HistoricalWeekend in Ukraine

Uzhgorod – Mukacheve – Berehove

Uzhgorod is not like other Ukrainian cities, and it’s not surprising – it’s the most remote regional center of Ukraine. Life here is unhurried, urban architecture peacefully neighbors with rich nature. You will not forget the 300-year-old ash tree, firmly entwined with ivy, and the lime avenue of the city is the longest in Europe! It’s worth to look at the ancient castle, the construction of which began in the 9th century, the orthodox synagogue, the Jesuit Cathedral. After replenishing the antiquity, it’s time to go to one of the oldest international cities in Ukraine – Mukachevo. Its sights are as eclectic as the population: you will see the White Palace of Rakoczy, the Cathedral of St. Martin, the Town Hall with chimes, the printing house of Greenstein and the quiet cozy square of the World. But the main destination in Mukachevo is definitely Palanok Castle, A sample of strategic military architecture, which for many years served to protect important roads and belonged to a number of rulers. Beregovo is an opportunity to visit Hungary without crossing the border. In the most beautiful Ukrainian town, the Magyar country is everywhere: in architecture, cuisine, wine, the abundance of thermal springs. Order goulash, plum palinka, and egészségedre! Read more: 7 Hotels with a fireplace for winter getaways

Weekend in Ukraine: ArchitecturalWeekend in Ukraine

Chernivtsi – Khotyn – Kamyanets-Podilskyi

Chernivtsi is not in vain called “Carpathian Paris”. Four spacious areas: Central, Cathedral, Theater, Philharmonic; Drama Theater named after Kobylianskaya; Cathedral; The Armenian Catholic Church with an organ hall; wooden church; a temple with twisted “drunken” towers; pedestrian street with restaurants and coffee shops, and of course, Chernivtsi National University, a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Aesthetic bomb, delight, love at first sight! Khotin admires one of the biggest castles of Eastern Europe, the main place of the events of the Khotyn war. In Kamenetz-Podolsky it is worth seeing the Western Bastion, Novoplanovskiy Bridge, the Polish Magistrate, the Town Hall, the Wind Gate, the Arc de Triomphe, the Orthodox Church of Peter and Paul, the Dominican Church, the Nicholas Church, the Armenian Trading House and the Trinitarian Church. Read more: These are the 13 places you cannot miss if you’re a Harry Potter fan

Weekend in Ukraine: CarpathianWeekend in Ukraine

Ivano-Frankivsk – Yaremche – Goverla

Who said that Ivano-Frankivsk is only a starting point in the Carpathian villages? The most beautiful Collegiate Church, the magnificent Potocki Castle, the Armenian Church, the Museum of Family Professions and the pedestrian street – here it is worthwhile to stay at least half a day. And after – Yaremche. Mountain town in the valley of the river Prut seemed to come down from advertising brochures about the beauty of the Carpathians. Delightful landscapes, horseback riding, bright Hutsul coloring, waterfall, mineral springs … Do not forget to have dinner with a traditional banish! And having gained strength in one of the wooden hotels of Yaremche, go to conquer the highest point of Ukraine – Mount Hoverla, which rises to 2016 meters above sea level. From here you can see the beauty not only of the Ukrainian Kolomyia and Sonatina but also of the Romanian Sighetu-Marmatia. In the end, to be above all in Ukraine – the dream of many on a par with the parachute jump.

Weekend in Ukraine: wineWeekend in Ukraine

New Kakhovka – Koblevo – Shabo – Krinichnoe

To learn that Ukrainian winemaking exists, to visit vine plantations and production, to taste interesting samples of domestic wines is best in the south of the country. Vineyards of well-known Ukrainian brands are located near each other: the Trubetskoi farm in New Kakhovka with the old mansion of the prince in love with winemaking; a huge factory “Koblevo”, where visitors are introduced to all stages of the production of the drink; the former Swiss colony of Shabo, where the same wine factory also produces famous wines, and finally, the former territory of Moldova is the village of Krinichnoe, where the Moldovan snacks are offered to the wines of the Kolonist brand.

Weekend in Ukraine: UnexpectedWeekend in Ukraine

Zhitomir – Old Solotvin – Berdichev

All the mentioned tours are in places well-known to internal travelers. But what is interesting in Zhytomyr, Berdichev and Old Solotvyn? Yes, lots of everything! In Zhytomyr, there is a modern Cosmonautics Museum, the ruins of the Jesuit Monastery, the archaeological monument of Castle Mountain. Thrills? You are welcome. From the suspension bridge, even the passage through which is already an adventure, the extremals every weekend jump over the water on a rope. On the way to Berdichev, be sure to visit Old Solotvyn, where one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine is located – a fishing lodge by the lake. After hundreds of pictures of the building in different filters for social networks – a course at Berdichev. Did you know that it was here, in the church of St. Barbara, that the Countess of Hanoi married Honore de Balzac? The second amazing sight is the huge monastery of the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites.

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