What to see in Montenegro: the best places

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By itself, the question “What to see in Montenegro ” is not entirely correct, because everything you need to look at is absolutely necessary!

Literally, at every step you can stumble upon a beautiful medieval-style house, behind a turn of the path to see a charming cove surrounded by trees or rocks, in each town, there are its sights and interesting places.

In short, in order not to miss anything of interest, you will have to come here more than once and literally proceed and travel the country far and wide!Montenegro

Strange as it may seem, but such a popular country as Montenegro, where every year a large number of our compatriots come and move, is familiar to many only on its coastal part, while the northern part of the country is usually seen only from the bus, which brings excursions through the canyons.

It is in this part that a place is hidden that we think it is necessary to visit, even if you are not the greatest champion of Orthodoxy. Read more: Best 4-star hotels in Crete, Greece

It is absolutely impossible to imagine an acquaintance with this country without visiting the monastery Ostrog. The monastery is not just the most important Orthodox shrine of this country. This place is considered one of the most sacred in the Balkans. People from all countries of the former Yugoslavia come here to ask St. Basil Ostrogsky for help. Read more: Best hotels for honeymoon in the Dominican Republic

Annually on May 12, on the Day of St. Basil Ostrogsky, several thousand people come to the monastery – adherents of different religions, who walk about 6 km on a steep narrow road to worship the holy relics.Montenegro

So, do not apply to see at the entrance to the monastery, how the cross of a white temple, built straight in rock, sparkles in the sun, and pass or drive through a serpentine mountain to admire the view from above.

One of the brightest business cards of Montenegro is the island- hotel Sveti Stefan, which is really worth seeing with your own eyes. One of the best views of the island opens from the terrace of the restaurant Adrovic (Adrovic), where you can sip coffee, imagine how you would live in a hotel where the room at night costs much more than the average salary in Montenegro.

And right next to it are the famous beaches of the King and Queen far beyond the country. You can take 2 sunbeds + umbrellas for just 60-100 euros per day … yes, but how would you like? It’s still royal beaches! Now, these beaches are actively built up.

In 2012, several new cafes have already opened there, and this year a new SPA center is expected to open, which promises to outperform the best hotel in Montenegro Splendid in Becici by the level of service.

Fans of historical attractions cannot simply miss the opportunity to visit the Montenegroancient city of Kotor, located in the Boka Bay of Kotor and surrounded by ancient fortress walls – the city has so many architectural monuments that it is entirely protected by UNESCO.

There are always a lot of tourists in the city since it is there that excursions are brought from large airliners, but at the same time, strangely enough, you can always find a cozy courtyard with a small cafe where you can pass the hottest hours of the day.

Do not forget that the most active can climb the fortress to see the city from a bird’s eye view and estimate the real size of the bay. The entrance to the fortress costs 3 euros. Keep in mind that when going upstairs, it is better to bring a bottle of cold water with you, since you should go there for about 40 minutes at a good pace.

Stairs are not always in excellent condition, but it is possible to climb even in splints, with a little effort from the side of the going. Pay attention that almost at the top there is a small passage in the wall on the left side, where you can go and see a small church with the frescoes still preserved in several places, as well as the old road leading from Kotor to the village. Negishi (ancestral nest of the rulers of Montenegro).Montenegro

It is impossible not to mention the ancient city of Cetinje – the historical, cultural and spiritual capital of Montenegro, to see which debt of any tourist. It is here that the second theater in Montenegro is located – the Zet house. Here, walking along the central streets, you can see the old mansions, where previously there were embassies in different countries.

Here is the Montenegrin Art Academy, graduates of which are appreciated and outside the country. And it is here that the Cetinje monastery (the 15th century) is located, which is the residence of the metropolitan. In the monastery are stored the relics of St. Peter of Cetinje, the hand of St. John the Baptist and other historical and religious values.

Among the natural, not miraculous sights of Montenegro, Skadar Lake, the largest on the Balkan Peninsula and unusually beautiful, is always mentioned first! Its surface varies from 370 kilometers square to 540 square kilometers in the rainy season.

The lake is the only place in Europe where the curly pelican resides, although you will see it only if you are a very patient ornithologist. In addition, on the islands and along the shores of the lake, many monasteries, towns and villages and fortresses of the 15th-16th centuries were preserved.

The Durmitor National Park in the mountainous area of the same name also belongs to the category of miraculous ones, where you can see the unique for these places system of glacial lakes, the Ice cave and the largest in the region canyon of the river Tara.

Of course, this is a very, very short list of interesting places that you can see in Montenegro. You can list all local attractions for a very long time.

Those who travel here for the first time, you can advise making your own list of what you want to visit in Montenegro, ok. on arrival, the eyes just begin to scatter from the abundance of offers and excursions!

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