What’s it like driving around the Yas marina in Abu Dhabi

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It’s the end of the Formula one season and depending on how things have gone throughout the year there is a bit of a party feel for some of the teams as they consolidate and take stock of their positions before the construction of the new cars starts after Christmas. Some are just happy to have their drivers and cars there in one piece after the many rounds of the season and there is a chance of grabbing some much-needed points to ensure that you finish as high as possible so that you get the maximum pay-out. It also might be that the Drivers and constructor championship has gone down to the wire and it’s a shootout between at least two drivers. If the Drivers title is decided then it’s usually about the middle order teams like Renault, Sauber and Force India desperately trying to finish above each other for the most prize money. You can watch all of this drama in comfort if you look at joining the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club by visiting https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-abu-dhabi and get yourself on a weekend of fun and excitement.

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Fun and excitement are something that the drivers will certainly be having has they fly around this Hermann Tilke designed course.

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The Start finish straight brings the field down to turn one. Abu Dhabi is unusual in that it’s run’s anti clockwise rather than the regular clockwise approach. This has a bit of an effect on the neck muscles but an F1 driver will have spent many hours in the gym getting theirs as solid as rocks. The first bend and the second are both tight left handers that bunch up the field a bit after the speed of the start. 3 is a slight bend to the right leading into a slight left in an almost S bend. If the driver has room, and it’s quite tight here at the Yas Marina, then they can get some good speed only to have to brake quite sharply as the come to a tight left then right a big left-hand hairpin of turn 7.  This straightens out the fastest part of the course and a chance to overtake if they come out of the Hairpin ok. Again, it’s hard on the brakes as turn 8 and 9 are a sharp left and right but the slight left gentle curve of 10 down to 11 is quite exhilarating. The drivers fly through the second speed trap and the final bends begin. There follows a series to the end of sharp lefts and rights with very short straights in between that see the car accelerates and decelerate in short bursts before a long right hander brings you to the start finish straight again of this technical and challenging track.

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