10 cities to enjoy a fantastic winter  break 

winter break
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If in another of our articles we recommended  10 European destinations to spend the end of the year , this time we want to present a selection of 10 cities to enjoy a fantastic winter  break  to visit in the coming cold months. Some of these places are known for being a World Heritage Site, others for their gastronomy and traditions and others simply for being incredible places to do tourism in winter break. Discover them, surely more than one city on this list will surprise you. Does anyone have you close?

Durham, United Kingdom a fantastic winter break

best winter  break

The city of Durham becomes special during the winter season , especially during Christmas, which becomes an idyllic setting, where you can explore the cobbled streets of the city with its elegant boutiques and extravagant craft shops that vie for attention of the public with the big brands. The Dalton Park, is the largest shopping center in the city and also the largest in the region. There is a traditional Christmas holiday that takes place throughout the city, but there are also alternatives for those who wish to escape from the Christmas bustle as entering any of the taverns and wait for beer in hand the arrival of Santa Claus.

  • Typical products: Hot wine and any drink that helps fight the cold
  • Activities: Outdoor ice skating and the Weardale train, which transforms between the months of November and December and stars in the recreation of the Polar Express train route.
  • Events: Most of the events in Durham revolve around Christmas, they take it very seriously.
  • Average temperature: From 3 to 5 degrees in January.

Schwangau, Germany

It is a small town in the German Alps, a beautiful setting as it is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, surrounding lakes and the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. It is ideal for hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing. Schwangau is the final point of the “German Romantic Route”, a very famous route with a lot of landscapes and places of interest between the different cities of southern Germany . It is a good place for people who like nature and the feeling of being part of the image of a postcard. Winter break in its purest state.

The famous castle of Neuschwanstein was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria (known as the Mad King) in 1866. If it is already beautiful in summer, it looks even better covered with snow. There is also another lesser-known royal castle of Ludwig II that is also worth visiting: Schloss Hohenschwangau. As if that were not enough, there is also the “Forggensee”, which is a large artificial lake surrounded by mountains . It would not be surprising if we came across one of Milka’s cows, since everything points to grazing in the Forggensee.

  • Typical products: The c omidas rustic and usually heavy are typical of the entire region of Allgäu . A typical product would be the Kaiserschmarrn , which are large and sugary pancakes that contain more eggs than a normal pancake. Originally it is a dessert but it is served as a main dish because it is very heavy. No doubt the calories are not a concern for our friends in Bavaria.
  • Activities: The city is a ski center in winter. It has different stations, tracks for all levels and also to practice the exciting cross-country skiing .
  • Events: Without a doubt the event of the year is the New Year’s fireworks falling on the Hohenschwangau Castle .
  • Average temperature: Between 3 and -5 degrees in January

Delft, Netherlands

fantastic winter  break

This beautiful city  is halfway between Rotterdam and The Hague, very close to both. Delft has lots of channels and is even more worthy of a visit during the winter , when the the small bridges are covered with snow . C hen is very cold and the channels are frozen, to the Dutch love to skate on the river . Delft is a university city, which makes it a vibrant and young place to go to have fun in winter break.

  • Typical products: The Stamppot. It is a typical accompaniment of the Dutch cuisine consisting of mashed potatoes with different vegetables and spices. It is considered as the national dish and in Dutch it means something like ” crushed casserole “.
  • Activities: To spend an exciting and fun time you must go to Bleekemolens Race Planet. It is a karting circuit that is recommended to go with a group of friends.
  • Events: The great New Year’s Eve celebration and the concerts.
  • Average temperature: Ente 0 and 5 degrees.

Segovia, Spain

This city is located in the center of Spain, about 90 kilometers north of Madrid. Since 1985 the old city of Segovia and its aqueduct are considered as World Heritage by Unesco . In a few places in the world you can see the trace left by ancient civilizations. The aqueduct of Segovia is the best example and possible inheritance that the Romans have left standing in Spain. Segovia is a classic city, old town, traditional and good food. Apart from the Aqueduct, Segovia has other charms such as the Cathedral, the Jewish Quarter and of course the Alcázar .

In winter it is usual to find the snowy city so the views of the old town and the aqueduct are exceptional. And a few kilometers from the Castilian-Leonese city there are many typical mountain landscapes that are more beautiful when they are covered with snow, such as the Valsaín forest and the Peñalara Natural Park.

Among the winter traditions in Segovia highlights that of Christmas Day , known as the Race of the Turkey. It’s been held since 1935 and it’s a fun race that rewards the feat of getting as far as possible with a bicycle without a chain. The race consists of a course of 550 m and the prizes are one of the biggest curiosities of the race, given that the winner is given a turkey, the second a duck and the third a chicken.

  • Typical products: Segovia is known throughout Spain for its roast suckling pig or roasted suckling pig in the Castilian style. It is such a popular dish that even many tourists come attracted by this tasty dish.
  • Activities: Segovia is very close to the Sierra de Guadarrama, which during the winter has 4 stations where you can practice winter sports such as skiing, cross-country skiing or snowboarding. The best is La Pinilla that has tracks for all levels.
  • Events: The Winter Indie City Festival (WIC), which takes place throughout the winter, intermittently between the months of November until the arrival of spring. It has a program of national and international artists who, thanks to the guitar, animate the city during the coldest and magical time of the year.
  • Average temperatures: oscillate between 9 degrees and -5.

Verona, Italy

enjoy a fantastic winter  break

Verona is not the typical winter city in the middle of the mountains covered by an immaculate blanket of bright snow. It is a fortified city that has an architecture and urban elements of more than 2,000 years, and is a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2000. It is located at the foot of Mount Lessini and crossed by the Adige River and was the city chosen by Shakespeare for tell the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Verona also has one of the largest amphitheaters in Italy , which still hosts many concerts and events. It is not usual to see the city covered by snow, but in winter the fog slowly enters Verona creating a mystical atmosphere. During the Christmas season , the International Fair of traditional nativity scenes with more than 400 pieces from museums and private collections.

  • Typical products: The Pandoro (golden bread) is a traditional sponge cake from Verona that has been made since at least the year 1800.
  • Activities: You can take a horse or bicycle ride along the river and the surrounding parks ending in the Villa de los Cedros where you can enjoy a natural thermal bath.
  • Events: BodyArt Winter break. It takes place between January 31 and February 2.
  • Average temperature: Between 8 and -2 degrees.

Lyon, France

After Paris, possibly Lyon is the city that all interested in visiting the neighboring country should visit and, what better time to do it during the winter break. Lyon is an ideal place to travel in winter as its streets wrap a special color especially during this season. Do not hesitate to visit every essential corner such as the cathedral or the Basilica of Notre-Dame de  Fourvière, but also do not miss the famous Fourvière Hill or take a walk through the Parc de la Tête d’Or.

  • Typical products: One of the typical products that you can not miss if you visit Lyon in winter is the Quenelle, a dish based on the mixture of wheat flour with eggs, butter, milk and perfect salt to catch energy.
  • Activities: Do not hesitate to go through all that the cold allows you, its streets and corners since they have a lot to offer. To get a little warmth do not hesitate to visit any of its museums such as the Museum of Fine Arts or Lumiere Museum.
  • Events: Every December Lyon celebrates the  Fête des Lumières , a  festival that for a few days illuminates this wonderful city with colors.
  • Medium temperature: Between 0 and 6 ºC.

Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is the capital of the Austrian state of Tyrol and is located in the middle of the Alps . In Innsbruck snow is guaranteed , making it a popular destination for  winter  getaways . The city has a long tradition of winter sports and hosted the Olympic Games For hikers , the mountain ” Patscherkofel” is a must-see , from there you have a magnificent view of of 1964 and 1976. Also in the Winter Games that are held every year there are a lot of events and snowboarding . like ski jumping the city and the valley of Innsbruck. The first thing everyone sees when arriving at Innsbruck , is the incredible panorama of the surrounding mountains , l to town itself looks very romantic when there is snow everywhere .

  • Typical products: Tyrol is home to a large number of hearty foods , such as Kasspatzln , and Gröstl ( potatoes with beef or pork and onion ), very appropriate for the cold.
  • Activities: If we want to escape from so much cold and ice the best thing is to give us a warm bath  in one of the indoor pools in the city.
  • Events: On the 3rd and 4th of January, the Four Hills Tournament takes place. It is a famous springboard jump test.
  • Average temperature: Between -1 and -5 during the winter.

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is a small Portuguese city nestled between forests and mountains and a few kilometers from the sea, which is considered a World Heritage Site. In summer it is a tourist center and a very visited place, but its greatest charm is in winter when tourists leave and the city is covered in mystery, then you can quietly enjoy all the charms it has to offer. Sintra is a short distance from the coast, completely open to the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for the strength of its swell that becomes greater during the winter months. Praia Grande is the most popular beach in the area, it is quite exposed to the wind, so it has plenty of waves, perfect for surfers who are the only ones who get into the cold waters of the Atlantic during the winter season.

  • Typical products: The famous Queijadas , which are sweet originating in Sintra, with more than seven centuries of tradition , is a delicious sweet made with cheese , eggs and flour.
  • Activities: You can visit the vineyards and make a tasting of the different wines of the area, called Another place that you can not miss is the Cabo de la Roca. It is the westernmost point of Europe. A perfect way to end a winter day.
  • Events: The Continuandum design exhibition that takes place in the Arts Museum of Sintra on January 13 and 14. Throughout the year there are numerous exhibitions in the different galleries and museums of SIntra
  • Average temperature: Always above 10 degrees.

Copenhagen, Denmark

top winter  break

The winter in the Danish capital is full of traditions and delightful Christmas experiences . As temperatures cool, the city ​​shines with the lights of its Christmas markets and embodies a true sense of Danish ” hygge ” (in essence , it means creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere ) . The one in Nyhavn is transformed into one of the most welcoming Christmas markets in Copenhagen . during every Friday and Saturday December takes place the Julefrokost that e s a lunch special Christmas with a smorgasbord of goodies and trinkets .

  • Typical products: The G løgg, the famous hot wine and also the Aebleskiver, which is a kind of apple pie very typical of the region
  • Activities: Outdoor ice skating . The ice rink of Frederiksberg is particularly popular and the entry is free.
  • Events: In mid-January , the Vikings celebrated Jol or Yule . Years later Yule has become the Christmas of the Vikings.
  • Medium temperature : between 5 and -2 degrees.

Finally, there is an urban legend that says that winter is a season in which you must stay at home, depressed and melancholy, seeing how life seems to freeze through the window. Well, many people also said that Trump was not going to win, showing that not always the majority is right. Traveling in winter break has many advantages. You can get the best prices of the year, since it is low season in virtually all destinations; you will travel without crowds; and, in addition, many places in the world show you a very different face from the rest of the months of the year, being more beautiful than you had imagined.

Although, during these months, many travelers prefer to flee from the low temperatures and seek warm destinations, there are others who prefer to enjoy places that win some winter magic. If you are among the latter, put your suitcase, gloves, hats, earmuffs, scarf and others, and get ready to travel to these ten wonderful winter break and destinations.

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