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winter season
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Between tastes there are no dislikes, if you are the winter landscapes, if you prefer the rain to the sun, the hot chocolate to pass the cold and have decided on a honeymoon in winter season take into account these tips. Organizing your wedding is already an unforgettable moment: look for the wedding dress , discover in that atelier those bridal shoes , exchange with the florist those ideas about the bridal bouquet … But it is also to find the destiny of your honeymoon. honey. If you travel in winter season, we suggest some tips top for a honeymoon destinations.

The winter destinations are an excellent alternative for couples like you who are looking for a much more romantic and intimate honeymoon , away from the large crowds that can be found in the high season that is usually summer, and although it seems that all packages they point towards the summer season, there are other alternatives, the travel agencies have realized that they should cover the needs and tastes of all types of couples, you yourselves could realize what we mean by different styles with all those who offered them in decoration for marriage  during the planning of your wedding. That’s why among all honeymoon destinations that exist, many of them have attractions that are best enjoyed during the winter, they will find tourist packages designed for this time of year, and as well as for the beach you need a sunscreen, swimsuit and sunglasses, for Frosty destinations must also take into account very important aspects, take note and go packing your bags to live a honeymoon in countries with unforgettable winter season.


countries with winter season

Choosing well the place they will visit, knowing the costs and the type of ideal clothing, are important decisions that must be taken with knowledge of cause, for that reason it is necessary that they are documented to the maximum, therefore it is one more task that they must add to their schedule. After giving the definitive yes to the  centerpieces for wedding and the proofs of your wardrobe, you must get going to find out all the details of your honeymoon destination.

What clothes should they wear?

best winter season

While short sentences of love are important to keep the flame of passion alive, they will need something else to keep body heat alive, for which they will need to know well the properties of materials, that is, tissues of the clothes that should be included in your luggage for the honeymoon in countries with winter season. The goal is not to get cold, but at the same time, be comfortable and have enough mobility to enjoy this wonderful experience to the fullest. Consider using a layer of clothing attached to the body to conserve heat, tights and long-sleeved thermal or polar shirts . Garments made with fabrics such as wool, rayon, polar fleece; insulating synthetic fabric It is ideal for the first layer, jute and hemp, to make sure to keep body heat.

What else to include in the suitcase?

For a honeymoon in countries with winter season there are essential items that should be carried in the suitcase for your honeymoon plans , check with time to take everything they need so they do not go cold. Shoes: here the ideal is that they prefer them totally closed; The Boots are welcome; stockings: long and preferably wool, we advise you to include several pairs for the replacement or in case you need to use more than one pair, if you suffer from the cold. Include good gloves , these can be waterproof, wool or leather to avoid catching cold mainly in a walking tour; Sunglasses, not because it is cold does not mean that the sun does not come out, and that is that the winter sun can be very bright and although it does not heat much it can dazzle; sunscreen and lip balm , the cold tends to dry lips a lot. Caps, earmuffs, scarves , scarves and patinas complements that will save them in the moments of greater cold.

Health is first

It is that being cautious will always give you better results than being taken by surprise, you are never exempt from unforeseen events, and it is not that you try to be negative, but as moms say “you never know”. It is always necessary to have a plan B, as they did with the invitation card models in case the first option did not work. The same should be done for your honeymoon, that’s why travel insurance covers them against accidents. Check the requirements demanded by the country, as they may vary from one place to another. Of course, add to your portfolios the citizenship cards, passports and visas (if the country of destination requires it).

When and where?

the winter season

To spend a honeymoon in countries with winter season should consider the date on which this station is given in each country according to the hemisphere where it is located. In the northern hemisphere, winter usually takes place from December 21 to March 20 . For its part, in the southern hemisphere, it runs from June 21 to September 21. Now which countries to visit according to the hemisphere? We leave you some proposals from the countries that you could visit for their attractions, although the offer is very wide, you can enjoy other destinations in that season.

North Hemisphere


New York, United States: The weather for this time of the year can be really cold, usually there are snowfalls, snowstorms and strong winds with temperatures between -3 ° and 6 ° C. This is a destination where you will always find something to do, life in this city does not stop, visit the iconic Central Park , the Brooklin Bridge, the Empire State Building, ice skating at the Rockefeller Center , the Botanical Garden and art fairs, just to mention some of the most important ones. You can also consider making your honeymoon in the winter season in Canada.


Prague:  At this time they will find maximum temperatures between 2 ° and 5 ° C, so the average temperature is 0 °. The best thing to visit in winter is definitely to see the city completely snowed and the frozen river, visit the famous Charles Bridge , the Castle, the Astronomical Clock of the Old Town Hall, the Wenceslas Square , the San Vito Cathedral, are some of the most emblematic monuments. Venice:  One of the most romantic destinations that you should consider for your honeymoon, the temperature ranges from 0 ° C minimum to 7 ° and 9 ° C maximum. Some of the places you should visit are Grand Canal Bridge of the Academy, the Guggenheim Museum, Campo Sant’Angelo, the Goldoni Palace, San Giorgio, Rialto, St. Mark’s Basilica, Burano and how not to walk along the canals and go through its small streets. You can also visit Paris , nicknamed the capital of the honeymooners ; London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Madrid or Barcelona.

Southern hemisphere


New Zealand:  During this period the climate may be colder towards the south, it has a tropical climate, but it has a very marked winter season for the months of June to August with temperatures from 0 ° to 10 ° C. They should visit geothermal wonders and hot springs; Rotorua and Hanmer Springs of the best known, the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail as the best experience in the wine tasting rooms and certainly take advantage of the ski season with the fabulous fresh and lasting snow characteristic of this area of ​​the world. You can also visit Australia and its cities such as Sydney or Melburne.


Argentina: average temperatures in this country range between 7 ° and 12 ° C, remember that it is characterized by a temperate humid climate, you can visit the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, explore its squares, parks, its bars, live the most spectacular nights of tango, visit the Perito Moreno Glacier , El Calafate, skiing at the end of the world in Ushuaia, Bariloche, Mendoza and Esquel definitely destinations to consider for the winter in Argentina. Also, another of the countries with winter season they could travel to is Chile.

Undoubtedly honeymoon packages in winter season can even be cheaper, however, so that they can live an unforgettable experience, it is necessary to plan ahead. So, after deciding on the  marriage cards to send the guests, begin to define which country they would like to visit and for how many days so that they have an idea when they contact their travel provider so that they can guide them.

Magical destinations for a honeymoon in winter season

top winter season

A paradisiacal destination

If you want to rest from the stress of the wedding, we recommend that you look for a calm and paradisiacal place recognized for its beaches and its climate like Maldives or the island of Bali. The best time to enjoy the Maldives is usually from December to May. Not only for its enviable temperature, around 28 degrees, but for its beaches and landscapes. Another favorite destination for newlyweds is the island of Bali, which surprises with its beaches, temples, volcanoes and gastronomy. Also if you want to stay in our country, we recommend a film trip to the Canary Islands where you will enjoy its incredible beaches and natural landscapes as well as its enviable cuisine.

Adventure in America

Another good idea may be to “cross the pond” to take advantage of the southern heat and visit countries such as Chile, Argentina or Costa Rica. In Chile we recommend you to make a tour to know the most beautiful corners of the country such as the Andean mountain range, the desert in the north or its glaciers. In Argentina you can enjoy the charm of the city of Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls, the city of San Carlos de Bariloche or the Perito Glacier. And finally we also recommend Costa Rica an exotic country where they surprise its beaches and its fascinating jungles. Also for the most urbanites, you can organize a honeymoon to New York, the city that never sleeps. Surely you will be surprised by the magic of this immense city in winter with its skyscrapers and its cold glacier. You can visit its neighborhoods, its jazz clubs such as the Bird land or the Blue Note, its shows or its museums.

An original trip

If you want an original and unforgettable honeymoon trip, we recommend destinations such as Australia or South Africa. Australia also maintains a warm temperature in our winter. You can visit modern cities such as Sydney or Melbourne and also natural areas such as Kangaroo Island, Ayers Rock or Queensland with its wonderful reefs and the Great Barrier Reef. Finally another destination that we recommend for adventurous boyfriends is South Africa where you can visit the spectacular Kruger National Park and visit Cape Town where you will find a privileged natural environment.

Most tips  honeymoon destinations in December

honey in countries with winter season

The weddings in winter are less common, however, are hiding more magic and mystery, celebrated in a very different time of year to the other, where you can enjoy very particular details. Some of these details can be for example a honeymoon in December , a trip in which to escape to different parts of the world, to enjoy the love of your partner the way you like.

Honeymoons in winter offer us the chance to visit a colder or warmer destination , depending on where we want to go, and even make a mixture of both so we do not stay without trying a little of each climate. There are so many countries to visit in which December is the perfect time for this, that we will not be short of destinations to find the best honeymoon trips.

According to the trends in honeymoon destinations , today I propose 4 of the best places to go on honeymoon, totally different between them, with thousands of possibilities to spend a few unique days. Some of these honeymoon destinations are more economical than others, but all hide some peculiarities, cultures and landscapes, which are the most romantic to live as a couple.

If you are about to get married, and you are going to live your honeymoon just at the time of December, it is time to pack your bags, take all your preparations, and dedicate yourself to enjoy the most incredible trip with the person who is going to Become your partner for the rest of your life. Let’s go there!

Honeymoon in December; What to pack

discover winter season

The honeymoon destinations that we propose to you go beyond the classic trip to Paris or Venice. To get to these sites you need your passport, several hours of air travel , and some other stops in some cases, but once you reach the destination, the enjoyment will be maximum, because you will live a very enriching experience that you are never going to to be able to forget

You’re only going to get married once in a lifetime with that person, that’s why the honeymoon is worth a trip to the top , so dare to cross to the other side of the planet.

In some of these honeymoon trips in December you will need a slightly higher budget, but others are cheaper than you might think, especially if you plan yourself part of the trip, avoiding travel agencies, buying airline tickets on flight comparisons such as Skyscanner , and booking your hotels through the internet at Booking .

Honeymoon trips

What you will need in all these honeymoon destinations, is this small list of things that you will have to include in your suitcase, so that you do not forget anything and always go prepared:

Passport and visas

Outside the European Union, travel to the country that travel, you will need your passport, and that this also has a validity date of at least 6 months from the return date of your trip. In many countries they also ask for visas, for example in the United States, which you must  ask in advance , in others you can make the visa upon arrival, and even in some the visa is free for a certain period. Check it before you leave, and so you will not take surprises to enter the country of destination.

Health insurance

It’s Spain, and in most of Europe, we have a great health system that takes care of any urgency without having to pay for it, but there are other countries where the mere fact that you see a doctor, costs a small fortune. There’s no reason for you to spend anything on your trip, but who knows? You still have to go to the hospital for anything, and you will avoid having to pay extra expenses if you have taken out health insurance before traveling. These insurances are cheap, and have different coverages, so it never hurts to have them.

Cash and cards

My recommendation to avoid the high exchange rates, is that you change the money directly in a house of change in the country of destination . Of course, you will have to take some cash from your country, at least to pay the taxi to the hotel and any small expense you may have just step on the country. If possible, pay in the country of destination with debit card, the change will be minimal and you will save a lot, but there are countries where it is more difficult to pay by card, so it is better to inform yourself beforehand to know if it is better to carry more cash.


If we leave our usual country, there are small microorganisms that we are not used to, and if we get infected they can be very dangerous, that’s why it is better to prevent and give us the vaccines that are necessary depending on the country we are going to visit. Ask your doctor which are the necessary ones at this moment, because they vary according to the destination and the year, so you will be safer and protected.

a winter season

Basic first aid kit

Do not forget to include basic medicines such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, comparable, saline to treat possible diarrhea, and forecast to cut them. Also, do not forget about the basic medicines you usually use, and your chronic treatments. Oh, and a good anti-mosquito to prevent bites in countries where you can catch diseases through these annoying insects.

Plug adapters

Most countries tend to have plugs equal to European ones, but there are some where you will need adapters to be able to use your personal electronic devices. Check it before you travel, and you will not get surprises when you arrive.

Mobile phone

Today we use the mobile phone for everything, especially to be connected to the internet. My recommendation is that you take a free mobile phone, in which you can put a SIM card that you buy in the country of destination. This will make your internet connection much cheaper, and you will avoid having your phone bill go through the roof the time you are traveling.

And now that we are well prepared to go on a trip, we will see what are those fantastic destinations where to go on a honeymoon and enjoy a unique adventure as a couple. These are the best honeymoon destinations in December for this season.

Finally, if you have decided to get married in the winter months, you will be surprised by the number of trips possible at this time of the year for a romantic honeymoon. You can choose to contemplate white landscapes in mountain destinations, visit iconic cities such as New York but you can also travel to destinations in winter season with warm temperatures such as the Maldives, the island of Bali or Buenos Aires. If you also want to enjoy an adventure on your honeymoon, Australia or South Africa can be a challenge.

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